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Tracklistings: 17/10/2003
Warp Records

LFO - 'Snot' (Warp)
LFO - 'Moistly' (Warp)
LFO - 'Freak' (Warp)
LFO - 'Mummy Ive Had An' (Warp)
LFO - 'Nevertheless' (Warp)
LFO - 'Premacy' (Warp)

Plaid - 'Buns' (Warp)
Plaid - 'Zeal' (Warp)
Plaid - 'Cedar City' (Warp)
Plaid - 'B Born Droid' (Warp)
Plaid - 'Crumax Rins' (Warp)

Luke Vibert - 'Liptones' (Warp)
Luke Vibert - 'I Love Acid' (Warp)
Luke Vibert - 'NokTup' (Warp)
Luke Vibert - 'YosepH' (Warp)
Amen Andrews - 'Babylon' (Rephlex)
Amen Andrews - 'Jungle Bunny' (Rephlex)

Broadcast - 'Man is Not A Bird' (Warp)
Broadcast - 'Colour Me In' (Warp)
Broadcast - 'Ominous Cloud' (Warp)
Broadcast - 'Before We Begin' (Warp)

Chris Clark - 'Indigo' (Warp)
Chris Clark - 'Empty The Bones of You' (Warp)
Chris Clark - 'Tycan' (Warp)
Chris Clark - 'Wolf' (Warp)
Chris Clark - 'Sun too Slow' (Warp)
Chris Clark - 'Farewel'l (Warp)

Other Music
Mr Psyche - 'Shell' (Emotif)
Lamb - 'Wonder' (Fontana)
London Elektricity - 'Different Drum' (Hospital)
Sly Fidelity - 'Skin & Bone' (TCR)
Mental Overdrive - 'Pi' (Love Inc)
3Head - 'Blackstar Line'r (Dub)

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