One World

Mon 01.00-03.00

Monday 4 September
Wichita Label Special

Bright Eyes - 'The Calender Hung Itself'  (Wichita)
Her Space Holiday - 'A Matter of Trust' (Wichita)
Brave Captain - 'Go' (Wichita)
Wauvenfold - 'Pixel Stiched' (Wichita)
Ruby - 'Grace (Schneider TM Mix)' (Wichita) 
Elastica - 'The Bitch Don't Work' (Wichita)
Her Space Holiday - 'Keystroke' (Wichita) 
Elastica - 'My Sex (HSH Mix)' (Wichita) 
Deseparecidos - 'What's New For Fall' (Wichita) 
Pattern - 'Nothing of Value' (Wichita) 
Bright Eyes - 'Lover I Don't Have to Love' (Wichita)
Brave Captain - 'The Sound of Wichita' (Wichita)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Bang' (Wichita)
My Morning Jacket -' O Is the One that is Real' (Wichita) 
My Morning Jacket - 'Heartbreaking Man' (Wichita) 
BumbleBeez - 'Brooklyn' (Wichita) 
Eevil - 'Half Smile' (Wichita) 
Bronx - 'They Will Kill Us All Without Mercy' (Wichita) 
The Cribs - 'Another Number'  (Wichita)
Bloc Party - 'Little Thoughts' (Wichita) 
Bloc Party - 'So Here We Are' (Wichita) 
Saul Williams - 'Grippo'  (Wichita)
Cribs - 'Hey Scenesters' (Wichita) 
Espers - 'Riding' (Wichita)
Kid606 - 'Down with the Scene' (Wichita) 
Euros Child - 'Donkey Island' (Wichita) 
CYHSY - 'In This Home On Ice' (Wichita) 
CYHSY - 'Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth' (Wichita) 
Drips - '16,16 Six' (Wichita) 
Bronxs - 'History's Stranglers' (Wichita) 
Peter, Bjorn and John - 'Young Folks' (Wichita) 
The Dells - 'Wichita Lineman' (Wichita)
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