One World

Mon 01.00-03.00

Monday 19 June
Spleen United in session/ Felix (Basement Jaxx) & Russ Jones

Bugz In The Attic - 'Inna Row' (V2)
Ahelia Durcouksi - 'Out Of Town' (Essay)

Russ Jones Mix 
Dunkelbunt - 'Rauk Cocek' (Chatchapeau) 
Amsterdam Klezmer Band - 'Immigrant Song' (Essay Recordings) 
Balkan Beat Box - 'Adir Adrimi feat Victoria Hanna' (Essay Recordings) 
Amsterdam Klezmer Band - 'Sadagora Hot Dub' (Essay Recordings) 
Fanfare Ciocarlia - 'James Bond Theme' (Crammed) 
Dunkelbunt - 'The Chocolate Butterfly' (Chatchapeau) 
Besh O Drom - 'Meggyújtom A Pipám' (Aspahlt Tango) 
DJ Dolores Vs Taraf De Haïdouks - 'Dumbala Dumba' (Crammed) 
Municipale Balcanica - 'Hava Nagila' (Ethnoworld) 
Balkan Beat Box - 'Meboli feat Vlada Tomova' (Essay Recordings)
Hir Ai Go Magnifico & Turbolenza - 'Hir Ai Kam' (Eastblok Music) 
Eastenders - 'Vino Vino' (Poets Club Recordings)
Mitsoura - 'Lei Toi' ( Manteca )
Mahala Raï Banda - 'Mahalageasca' (Felix B Jazzhouse Dub) (Atlantic Jaxx) 
Leningrad - 'Super Good' (Eastblok Music) 
Gogol Bordello - 'Start Wearing Purple' (Side One Dummy) 
Isoul8 - 'How I Feel' (Sonar Kolektiv) 
Spleen United Maida Vale Session 
Spleen United - 'Spleen United' 
Spleen United - 'Heroin Unlimited' 
Spleen United - 'Streetfighter' 
Spleen United - 'Untitled' 

Headman - 'Moisture' (Mustapha 3000 mix) (Gomma)
Peaches - 'Do Ya' (XL) 
Peaches - 'Tent In Your Pants' (XL) 
Superpitcher - 'Enzian' (Kompakt) 
Dorfmeister vs Las Madrid Des Austria - 'Valldemossa'  (G-Stone) 
BN Loco - 'Fix Those Guitarz' (Sonic 360) 
Anja Garbarek - 'Last Trick' (Mute) 
Dr Octagon - 'Aliens' 
Triosk - 'Last Broadcast' (Leaf) 
Ty & Eska - 'The Way We Like It' (Eastside) 
Nouvelle Vague - 'Ever Fallen In Love' (Peacefrog) 
Robin Guthrie - 'Bordertown' (Rocket Girl) 
The Occasion - 'Register My Complaints' (1965) 
Danny Byrd - 'Dog Hill' (Hospital) 
Justine Electra - 'Fancy Robots' (City Slang)
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