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Folk Tales is a mini exploration into the tales of some fine song writers under the banner of the New Folk Movement.

Show broadcast on Radio 1
Monday 5 June 2006: 0100-0300

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Producers Note:

Folk Tales
involved inviting favourite musicians to talk about the events, dreams and memories that had influenced their songs.

It was soon evident that songs are not always a straight narrative and can be influenced by a whole host of abstract influences - from a love symbol scribbled on the back of a hand to the chance viewing of a thousand year old gravestone in the middle of a pub in the country.

Interviewing Vashti Bunyan was like listening to an old friend recite a familiar tale. Her story stands out as one of the most interesting of the programme since her albums reflect the stories of her life.

If you are familiar with her debut Just Another Diamond Day - you are an eavesdropper to a little history of her tale of the journey to the Highlands. We talked about the second album (her first for thirty years) as a reflective, contemplative work with a regret for opportunities missed.

She would hate to be called a folk singer - as would most people in this programme - yet she is one of many artists at the moment conjuring up stories that evoke the pastoral or the landscape which we associate with folk music.

Linda Perhacs provided an exclusive updated track from her album Parallelograms - heard for the first time on the radio waves here - and set a precedent - through her it was evident that the collection of tales appeared to set the tone of the programme.

She evoked a state of mind that appreciates the universe in all of its facets from the natural world of love and beauty in Linda's message, the epic dreamy tales of Coco Rosie and Alison from the Left Outsides , to the eerie tales of Wayne Coyne and Allison from the 18th Day of May.

Thanks to the whizzkid Adem who conjured up a mix of aural delights towards the end of the programme with very short notice while planning and managing the final details of his wonderful festival Homefires.

Hopefully this programme will encourage you to explore the tales that shape your life! 


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