One World

Mon 01.00-03.00

Alternative Asia presented by Nerm from the Shiva Soundsystem

Show broadcast on Radio 1
Monday 29 May 2006: 0100-0300

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Producers Note:
From a prominent member of Indo-punk band Charged to headline DJ in the Swaraj roster, Nerm has been on the alternative Asian music scene for years.

Forever challenging what was accepted as "Asian" music and art, Nerm's signature is to mix anything, to bring out the punk in most forms of music and rock dance floors across the world.

Formed in 2000 from musicians collaborating with Nerm's DJ sets, Shiva Soundsystem is now an organisation that boasts DJs, producers, musicians, designers and behind the scenes staff based in East London. The original aim was to provide something different than the usual "British Asian" or "Urban" Pop and R&B.

Everything Shiva Soundsystem does now is about providing an alternative representation, not just of British Asians but the UK itself, a nation that has provided a rich musical landscape. The main passion is the music that the UK gave birth to from alternative Rock (Punk) to alternative Dance (Drum & Bass).

With Shiva Soundsystem, Nerm has performed at the most prestigious events and venues from Fabric & Glastonbury in the UK to large scale Nationwide tours across India, as well as appearing on television and radio across the world. Nerm also runs regular club nights in London and has launched a record label, imaginatively called Shiva Soundsystem Recordings.

This One World special presents the alternative side of Asian music: covering a diverse array of genres from Electro to House, to Breaks, Rock and Drum & Bass

One World team
(Paul and Hermeet)


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