One World

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Xtreme Music Show with Cutting Pink With Knives, Justin Pearson, Karl Hyde, William Bennett (Whitehouse), Smile For the Cameraman Honey and more...

Show broadcast on Radio 1
Monday 10 April 2006: 0100-0300

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Producers Note:

This weeks One World is an Xtreme Music Special and features contributions from Justin Pearson from Some Girls, The Locust and Three One G Records, his co-hort in Some Girls Wes, Karl Hyde from Underworld, Jonathan Selzer from the amazing Terrorizer magazine and the legend that is William Bennett from Whitehouse and Susan Lawly Records.  We also have a session from the fabulous (and I mean that in an overtly camp way) Cutting Pink with Knives and mini Xtreme mix from Smile For The Cameraman Honey as well as some great music.
Now the trouble with having an 'Xtreme Music Show' is that you run the danger of being so extreme that people switch of their radios or worst still that you are not extreme enough for the die hard fans of this music.  Well if you are up at 1 AM on a Monday morning then you clearly have sleep issues so I make no apology! ;-)  Again we hope that you take something away from listening to this programme and that you either take something away from this programme or are able to tell your friends about it so that they might get something out of it.
This has been something I've wanted to make pretty much since I started Radio 1 and it's good to finally get the chance to do it.

It's not so good that I didn't manage to fit in all the music I would have liked to and worse still that I had to cut some of the tracks down to fit other music in.  I so would have loved to play all 18 minutes of Khanate's song 'Capture' but then we would have missed out on listening to a further 4 songs.  As it stands there is simply not enough time to fit half the records I wanted to feature.  No time for any of the fantastic records on the Kunil's Super Fi Records imprint (check out ) and no time to play, despite my promises the record by many other records which have come our way. Sorry.

As always please let us know your thoughts on the show.

One World Team
(Paul and Hermeet)

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