One World

Mon 01.00-03.00

Country, Folk & Blues Special with Laura Cantrell, Johnny Soledad & Joey Calexico

Show broadcast on Radio 1
Monday 3 April 2006: 0100-0300

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Producers Note:

This weeks One World is Show is very special indeed because we don't just have one special guest presenter... we have 3! Laura Cantrell, Johnny Soledad and Calexico present their guide to Country, Folk and Blues music. Now some of you might be thinking, 'hang on what is Country, Folk and Blues music doing on Radio 1!' Well quite frankly my dears, they are three genres of music you NEED to know about.

We wanted to show that there is a synergy of sound between the three genres and that they have influenced each other greatly. Essentially all three genres stem from Fiddle music and all three have a lot in common so we decided to ask the most knowledgeable musicians in these genres to front this show. Laura Cantrell is of course an acclaimed Country singer who has recorded several sessions for Radio 1 over the years. Johnny Soledad is a member the Soledad brothers and Calexico have been making music for nearly a decade. Check out the links to find out more on them.

We hope you will discover something old and new in this programme and that it might encourage you to make a record purchase you might not have made before. Go on! Buy an Elmore James LP, your friends all have copies of the Kaiser Chiefs anyway so you can listen to theirs!

One World Team
(Paul and Hermeet)

Links: - Johnny Soledad - Joey Calexico

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