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In New Music We Trust - SXSW
Huw's SXSW Diary

We sent OneMusic's Huw Stephens out to scour the streets of Austin, Texas for new and exciting bands.

Read his SXSW blog....


Day 3 - Friday
Huw soldiers on and meets Gwyneth...

Emos On Thursday I was ill but on Friday I ate porridge in the morning, and was determined to see some bands.

First up I met up with a very good singer-songwriter friend called Alun Tan Lan, out here, like me, for the first time.

First up were The Oranges; perfect American indie-rock in the sun at Emo's Annex, a big marquee off the main road, Sixth Street. At the other Emo's venue I saw An Albatross; heavy as hell and just that little bit insane. They'll be in session for OneMusic soon. Calexico next door are just as good as I thought they would be, and do Love's Alone Again Or.

Owen from The Crimea At night, The Crimea open the Barfly gig at Exodus. Signed to a major label during last year's SXSW, tonight they're as brilliant as their debut album, Tragedy Rocks, sounds on my walkman.

Avant-Core fast-as-the-eye hip-hopper and OneMusic favourite Busdriver is knackering and exhilarating to watch at the Pink Flamingo, and the Martini Henry Rifles are as mouthy and punky as their excellent SuperBastard album is.

SXSW is now, as they say, swinging. The place is buzzing with bands, music fans, industry people eager to find the next big thing and promote their new acts, and hot dog sellers. There are so many bands I'd like to see, but just haven't got the time.

I should, at this point, add that I met Gwyneth Paltrow the other night. I bid you good night.


Day 2 - Thursday
Huw is confined for his own good...

Huw began to see things Thursday at SXSW for me will be remembered for one thing; bed.

As sad as it may sound, I literally couldnt move on Thursday, I was hallucinating and confined to my hotel room. Gutted!

I missed MF Doom, Adem, Be Your Own Pet, People in Planes, Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower (good name!), AMpop and Human Televison, not to mention the other surprises lurking behind doors.


Day 1 - Wednesday
Tales of foot stomping and busking...

Huw and Zane in Austin I arrived in Austin, Texas on Sunday, a few days before the South By South West music conference/festival started. There's about 1,350 bands playing in various venues over four days. Got a feeling sleep won't come in to the equation much this week!

Wednesday morning I hosted the Radio 1 Busking Booth; local musicans, and a few others from around the world, came to play acoustically in BD Riley's Irish Bar. A man called Ash sang a version of ABBA's Mama Mia, Cardiff's People in Planes did some new tunes, and a lady called Rachel was very good indeed. My favourite was Say Hello with a Smile - a Austinian called Tyler, who was reminiscent of Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes, and very good.

After a few days of calm, today the place started to get a bit nuts. Some 3,000 people from the music industry in Britain, and general fans, have arrived, as well as the thousands of Americans, and other nationalities. The brilliant Jawbone recorded a session for the OneMusic show, using his guitar, mouth organ and, yes, a cardboard box, to their full advantages. One man bands rock! You'll be able to hear the session very soon on R1. At night I went to see Bob Jawbone play at a venue called Red Eyed Fly. Again, totally brilliant, this time without the cardboard box.

buskers Outside the venue a band called Juanita Family and Friends busked; just the most beautiful lo-fi country, complete with lush vocals and a pedal steel. I was pretty much the only one listening though - the fact that everyone passing were on their way to a Billy Idol gig didn't help! Bought their album - look forward to hearing it.

In a marquee called Emo's, Mark Mallman was very entertaining - a bit bonkers, a bit happy, a bit foot stomping; surely a good thing! I randomly went to a New Zealand party, where the Mint Chicks are ace but look a bit violent. The Thermals at the other Emo's club are good; and the Six Parts Seven are like a country Mogwai (?!). I loved watching The Album Leaf live - a treat after enjoying their debut album so much - really beautiful electronic bliss.

This was day one. More tomorrow!

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