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Most Punk
The Story of Green Day

Green DayFor Most Punk week Radio 1 commissioned a brand new documentary charting the rise of Green Day.

"Billie Joe would make a great President..."

How have 'three self-confessed dumb punks' got this far? Can Billie Joe, Mike and Tré now be talked about alongside the founding fathers of anarchy Sex Pistols and The Clash? Or are they just American Idiots who lucked out? Mike Davies investigates...

Listen to the documentary as part of the Lamacq Live Green Day Special on Monday 20th June or get a sneak preview right now!

Listen Listen to the documentary
Listen Listen to Mike Davies interviews with Green Day
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More punk documentaries....

Punk Politics

Fat Mike Since Fat Mike from NOFX started Punkvoter, a campaign to get young people to register to vote in 2000 many bands have signed up to support his campaign, joined the Rock Against Bush tour and contributed to the Rock Against Bush CD. However, not all punks are vying for John Kerry to win the election. Presented by Mike Davies, this documentary features the views of many leading lights from the punk world including Green Day, former Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello and Fat Mike of NOFX.

Tré Cool - Green Day:
"There's no such thing as Conservative Punk. You can dress up in your hot-topic punk rock uniform and vote for Bush but it does not mean you are a punk."

Listen Listen to the doc
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Teenage Dreams So Hard To Beat: the definitive Peel biog

Peel Night This special one hour documentary celebrates the life and work of John Peel. Presented by Jarvis Cocker, it features contributions from artists and DJs such as Led Zeppelin, Billy Bragg, Pink Floyd, Ash, Orbital, the Cure and Captain Beefheart.

Pete Shelley - Buzzcocks
"No one was playing punk. It wasn’t seen as music at the time. It had the same reaction as rock ‘n’ roll did in the 50’s – it was really, ‘Lock up your children’ and the ban thing."

Listen Listen to the doc
Go Keeping It Peel

To The Extremo

Extremo is a new genre that combines the volume of metal with post punk lyrical sensitivity, but can it save the emotional hardcore scene from an identity crisis?

The Lock Up's Mike Davies takes a look at why 2004 is the year when extremo breaks into the mainstr-emo, and profiles the main players in the USA and UK such as Thursday, Taking Back Sunday and Funeral For A Friend.

Listen Listen to the doc
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LA Story - The Remix

Speaking to local bands, film-makers and record labels from across the genres - from post-punkers,The Bronx, to rockin' all-rounder Roxy Saint, and hip-hop heads the Beat Junkies - 'LA Story (The Remix)' investigates who's bringing this new artistic integrity to the City of Angels.

Listen Listen to the doc
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Pretty Vacant

Young Offenders Featuring a new bunch of bands riding a wave of beer, violence and stupidity - all claiming to be the voice of the working class: Towers of London: swear words on their t shirts, spit, fight and smash things up, and look like they're about to equal Selfish ****'s acheivement of being banned from every gig venue in London.

Listen Listen to the doc
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This Is Hardcore presented by Zane Lowe

This Is Hardcore presents half an hour of the most challenging, noisy and evil sounds in the world. Who's making the most important extreme music in the world today? What does it sound like? And what the hell's wrong with them? Find out here, as Zane Lowe provides you with the definitive guide to listening and making extreme music.

Listen Listen to the doc
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Posh Rock

A look at the ever-present debate between public school Vs working class heroes in music.

Is the rock industry still populated by cheeky oiks from the roughest estates or is anyone allowed in these days? Can posh people ever be hugely rich, brainy, pop svengalis or has the time come to grab a guitar and grunge with the best of them? Tara Palmer-Tomkinson asks whether being born with a silver spoon in your mouth gets in the way of your vocal technique... This documentary contains some strong language. Please do not listen if easily offended.

Listen Listen to the doc
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Punk & Disorderly presented by Colin Murray

There's a spirit of punk rock rebellion sweeping the nation. A new breed of young bands are turning their back on music industry convention and doing it themselves: putting on guerrilla gigs, posting whole albums straight onto the internet, designing their own t-shirts and creating the kind of get-up-and-go counterculture not seen since 1977. 'Punk and Disorderly’ takes you inside the revolution.

Listen Listen to the doc
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The Revolution Will Not Be Organised: New Age Anarchy

Colin Murray checks out Flash Mobs, Random Acts Of Kindness, Join Me, Guerilla gigging, & 'Karma Armies'

Listen Listen to the doc
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Kurt & Me

Nirvana front man and reluctant rock icon Kurt Cobain tragically took his own life ten years ago this week but a decade after the band's premature end, the legacy lives on. Fans around the world, of all ages, still love Nirvana.

Radio 1 competition winner and dedicated Nirvana fan, Daniel Sasto, makes a poignant personal journey to Seattle, the home of grunge, to find out about Kurt first hand. As a fitting tribute, Dan meets people who knew and worked with Kurt, including producer Jack Endino, former band member Chad Channing and a special meeting with Kurt's grandfather, Leland Cobain. Beginning where Kurt's story ended, he pays respect to the Nirvana frontman at the bench shrine outside the old family home, moved by fans’ graffiti from every corner of the globe.

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DIY Festival Kit

Staying up all night didn't guarantee most people a ticket to this year's Glastonbury. With the festival already sold out, Annie Mac is on the search for this year's alternative festivals. Of course you could always try organising your own...

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