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Lock Up Tracklistings: 02/09/2002

Hatebreed - You're Never Alone (Universal)
King Prawn - Dominant View
Bad Religion - Broken (epitaph)
Distillers - City Of Angels (hellcat)
Alkaline Trio - Private Eye (B Unique)
Punk Pick --- Alkaline Trio
You Are The Government - Bad Religion
Punk Pick-----Dropkick Murphys
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC
Punk Pick ----Face To Face
Know Your Rights By The Clash
Punk Pick ---Justin Sane
There Is Power In A Union by Billy Bragg
Dilated Peoples - Worst Comes To Worst (Parlaphone)
PD Syndicate - Ruff Like Me (London recordings)
Punk Pick --- Blak Twang
Microphone Fiend by Eric B & Rakim
Punk Pick -- Reel Big Fish
Someday I Suppose by Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Punk Pick - - Capdown
SoundSystem by Operation Ivy
Punk Pick -- Snuff
Sailing On by Bad Brains
Rival Schools - Used For Glue (mercury)
Finch - Three Simple Words (drive-thru)
Punk Pick -Sick Of It All
Coolidge by The Descendants
Punk Pick --- Hundred Reasons
Screaming At A Wall by Minor Threat
Punk Pick --- Bouncing Souls
Angelfuck by Misfits
Punk Pick ---Guttermouth
Jealous Again by Black Flag
Anti - Flag - Dial 911 For Peace (AF Records)
Stike Anywhere - Refusal (Jade Tree)
Flogging Molly - What's Left of The Flag (burning heart)
Beatsteaks - Summer (Epitaph)
Punk Pick ----AFI
Six Different Ways by The Cure
Punk Pick ----Thursday
She's Lost Control by Joy Division
Punk Pick --- Distillers
Mongloid by Devo
Fletcher - Wasted (deckcheese)
Lightyear - Three Basics (Household Name)
Punk Pick ---Lightyear
Red Tape - Red Lights Flash
Punk Pick ---Donuts
No Control by Bad Religion
No/Fx - Starry Starry Nights (Fat Wreck)
Buck O Nine - Calling In Sick (Moonska)
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