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Lock Up Tracklistings: 23/4/2002

alice in chains - 'would' (sony)
social distortion - 'story of my life' (columbia)
Blazing Haley - 'Date with Ivy' (My Records)
ataris - 'teenage riot' (kung fu)
AFI - 'Today's lesson' (Nitro)
Tribe called quest - 'Scenario' (Jive)
Dilated Peoples - 'Clockwork' (Wordplay)
Thrice - 'Betrayal is a symptom' (sub city)
less than jake - 'Dopeman' (Fueled by Ramen)
(Spunge) - 'Jump on' (b-unique)
beatsteaks - 'panic' (ep[itaph)
bad religion - 'supersonic' (live session track)
Bad Religion - 'Broken' (Live session Track)
Bad Religion - 'Sorrow' (live Session Track)
Bad Religion - 'Prove It' (Live session track)
Flogging Molly - 'Salty' (side one dummy)
Billy Bragg - 'Take down the Union Jack' (Cooking Vinyl)
Lars Frederikson and the Bastards - 'To have and to Have not' (Hellcat)
The Vibrators - 'Jenny Jen' (Session Track)
Massive Attack - 'I against I' (Immortal)
Scratch - 'Would Iz' (Rykodisc)
Strife - 'Life Stained Red' (Victory)
Anti Flag - '911 for Peace' (A-F)
Tiny Elvis - 'terrorist toys' (white)
Operation Ivy - 'Come and Get it' (Fat wreck Chords)
Gorilla Biscuits - 'Gorilla Biscuits' (Hellcat)
The Clash - 'London Calling' (Columbia)
Gold Blade - 'AC/DC' (TSB)
Uncle Brian - 'Southern Hood' (Golf)
Mu330 - 'My Gun is Broken' (Asian Man Records)
Madball - 'New York City' (Road Runner)
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