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The Lock UpThe Lock Up
The Lock Up 05/02/02

Pennywise - ' Bro Hymn' (Epitaph)
Rancid - ' Bob' (Hellcat)
da Skywalkers - ' One Two Three Four' (Household Name)
The Herbaliser featuring Wildflower - ' Good Girl Gone Bad' (Ninja Tune)
Big P featuring Skeme and Fallacy - ' London Kings' (Titan Sounds)
F- Minus - ' Suburban Blight' (Hellcat)
The Hives - ' Hate to say I told you so' (Burning Heart)
Hepcat - ' Beautiful' (Epitaph)
Slum Village - ' Raise it Up' (Wordplay)

Icarus Line - Session Tracks
'Sound of Confusion'
'Enemies in High Places'
'Rape of the Holy Mother'

Mad Caddies - ' American Badass' (Fat Wreck)
NOFX - ' Radio' (Epitaph)
Voodoo Glowskulls - ' We're back' (Epitaph)
DJ Noize featuring Freestyle - ' It's a demo 2000' (Mawlaw)
Bad Religion - ' Sorrow' (Epitaph)
Fugazi - ' Waiting Room' (Session Track)
Bad Religion - ' Sorrow' (Epitaph)
Capdown - ' An A-Political Stance' (Household name)
Mister Jason pres. The Brews Brothers - ' Happy Hour' (Wordplay)
The Beat - ' Rankin' Fullstop' (Session Track)
Filthy Thieving Bastards - ' the Killing Kind' (B.Y.O.)
Nekromantix - ' Gargoyles over Copenhagen' (Hellcat)
Janes Addiction - ' Three Days' (Warners)
Guns and Roses - ' Rocket Queen' (Geffen)
The Faint - ' Suicide Agenda' (Saddlecreek)
Jimmy Eat World - ' the Middle' (Dreamworks)
Dead Kennedys - ' Holiday in Cambodia' (Cherry Red records)

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