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The Lock UpThe Lock Up
The Lock Up 14/01/02

Ataris - ' Teenage Riot' (Kung Fu)
Alkaline Trio - ' Private Eye' (B-Unique/Vagrant)
Ty - ' Break the Lock' (Big Dada)
De La Soul - ' Trying People' (Tommy Boy)
Snuff - ' Nick Northern' (Fat Wreck)
Icarus Line - ' Feed a Cat to Your Cobra' (Sweet nothing)
Big Dada Sound - ' Showtime' (Big Dada)
Lars and the Bastards - ' To Have and to Have Not' (Hellcat)
King Prawn - ' Survive' (Moonska)
Randy - ' Addicts of Communication' (Burning Heart)
The Infesticons - ' Hero Theme' (Big Dada)
Styly Cee - ' All Stylz Anthem' (Wordplay)
INC - ' Capitalism Stole my Virginity' (Burning Heart)
One Man Army - ' Another Dead End Story' (Adeline)
Bad Religion - ' Sorrow' (Epitaph)
Infectious Grooves - '-' (Sony)
Braintax - ' Biro Funk' (Lowlife)
Gamma feat. Tommo - ' Supreme Confidence' (Big dada)
Mad Caddies - '-' (Fat Wreck)
Buzzcocks - ' What do I get' ((session track))
Capdown - ' An A-political stand of reasons' (Household Name)
Ensign - ' Black Clouds vs Silver Linings' (Nitro)

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