Radio 1's Punk Show with Mike Davies

Tue 02.00-04.00

Tuesday 18 August 2009


AFI - 'Keeping Out of Direct Sunglight/Three Reasons' (Nitro) 
The Flatliners - 'Run Like Hell' (Paper & Plastic) 
NOFX - 'Stickin’ In My Eye' (Epitaph) 
American Steel - 'Emergency House Party' (Fat Wreck Chords) 
RX Bandits - 'Hope Is a Butterfly' (Sargent House) 
Polar Bear Club - 'One Hit Back' (Bridge Nine) 
The Plight - 'Sick of Dreaming' (Visible Noise) 
Rancid - 'Up To No Good' (Hellcat) 
Leftover Crack - 'Gay Rudeboys Unite' (Hellcat) 
Pinhead Gunpowder - 'Losers of The Year' (No Idea) 
Miss Derringer - 'Click Click' (Triple X) 
Tiger Army - 'Afterworld' (Hellcat) 
Resolution 242 - 'Poet’s Town' (Do The Dog) 

Sharks In Session:
Sharks - 'It All Relates'  

Suicide Bid - 'Like a Lion' (Household Name) 
Suicide Machines - 'Hey' (Hollywood) 

The Casualties Interview:
The Casualties - 'We Are All We Have' 
The Casualties - 'Apocolypse Today' 
The Casualties - 'War is Business' 
Rabia - 'Ya Basta!' 
The Casualties - 'Heart Bleeds Black' 

Cobra Skulls - 'Thicker Than Water' (Red Scare) 
Riverdales - 'Heart Out of Season' (Asian Man) 
Crazy Arm - 'Still To Keep' (Xtra Mile) 
Against Me - 'Cavilier Eternal' (Fat Wreck Chords)

Sharks In Session:
Sharks -  'More Blue'
Sharks - 'It Threatens'

Sights & Sounds - 'Storm & The Sun' (Distort) 
Blackhole - 'Scared To Change' (Raw Power)
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