Radio 1's Punk Show with Mike Davies

Tue 02.00-04.00

Tuesday 5 May 2009


Green Day - 'Know Your Enemy' (Reprise) 
The King Blues - 'I Got Love' (Field) 
Against Me! - 'T.S.R.' (Fat Wreck Chords) 
Chuck Ragan - 'Do You Pray' (Side One Dummy) 
Gallows - 'London Is The Reason' (Warner Bros) 
Cancer Bats - 'I Want a Lot Now' (Hassle) 
The Riverboat Gamblers - 'Victory Lap' (Volcom) 
Dwarves - 'Act Like You Know' 
Sharks - 'It Threatens' (White Label) 
King Prawn - 'Survive' (Moon Ska) 
Rancid - 'Last One To Die' (Hellcat) 
Rise Against - 'Audience of One' (Geffen) 
Rise Against - 'Hero of War' (In Session) 
Propagandhi - 'Bringer of Greater Things' (In Session) 
Frank Turner - 'Dan’s Song' (In Session) 

Outlaw Anthems:
Propagandhi – 'Supporting Caste'
Track – 'Supporting Caste' (Hassle) 
Westbound Train – 'Come And Get It'
Track – 'Come And Get It' (Hellcat) 
The Bouncing Souls – '20th Anniversary Series'
Track – 'Dubs Says True' (Chunksaah) 
Left Alone – 'Left Alone'
Track – 'Sad Story' (Hellcat) 
NOFX – 'Coaster'
Track – 'The Quitter' (Fat Wreck Chords)

Your Demise - 'Burnt Tongues' (Visible Noise) 
Bleeding Through - 'Orange County Blonde and Blue' (Trustkill) 
Westbound Train - 'Come And Get It' (Hellcat) 
Gecko - 'Where I’ve Gone' (White Label) 
Alexisonfire - 'Young Cardinals' (Hassle) 
Taking Back Sunday - 'Sink Into Me' (Warner Bros) 
Strung Out - 'Bark At The Moon' (Fat Wreck Chords) 
Ghost of a Thousand - 'Bright Lights' (Epitaph) 
Pour Habit - 'Light The Torch' (Pour Habit) 
Joe Coffee - 'Baby’s Comin’ Home Today' (I Scream) 
Druglords of The Avenues - 'Search Again' (Red Scare) 
Lionheart - 'This Is Who I Am' (I Scream) 
Hatebreed - 'Ghosts of War' (E1) 
Anti-Flag - 'Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington DC' (Side One Dummy)
Snuff - 'Rivers of Babylon' (Fat Wreck Chords)
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