Radio 1's Punk Show with Mike Davies

Tue 02.00-04.00

Tuesday 3 February 2009


Alexis on Fire - 'Boiled Frogs' (Hassle)
Bad Religion - 'New Dark Ages' (Epitaph) 
The Riverboat Gamblers - 'A Choppy Yet Sincere Apology' (Volcom)
Alkaline Trio - 'Calling All Skeletons' (V2) 
Lower Than Atlantis - 'The Juggernaut' (Thirty Days of Night) 
Dead Swans - 'In The Half Light' (Thirty Days of Night) 
Propagandhi - 'Dear Coach’s Corner' (Hassle) 
The Loved Ones - 'Coma Girl' (Fat Wreck Chords) 
Blitz Razors - 'In The Night' (SOS) 
Crazy Baldhead - 'Boy Named Sue' (White Label) 
Cancer Bats - 'Deathsmarch' (Hassle) 

Broadway Calls In Session:
Broadway Calls - 'Call Off' (Acoustic) (Side One Dummy) 

The Bronx - 'Young Bloods' (White Drugs) 
Cloak/Dagger - 'Surf Song' (Jade Tree) 

Outlaw Anthems:
Dead To Me – Little Brother
Track – Arrhythmic Palpitations
Label – Fat Wreck Chords 

Ben Nichols – The Last Pale Light In The West
Track – The Last Pale Light In The West
Label – Rebel Group 

Dead Vampires – The Day After Halloween
Track – Devil Within
Label – Robot Monsters 

The Loved Ones – Distractions
Track – Spy Diddley
Label – Fat Wreck Chords 

Leathermouth – XO
Track – Bodysnatchers 4 Ever
Label – Epitaph

Anti-Flag - 'Smartest Bomb' (RCA) 
The Strawberry Blondes - 'Rebel Rebel' (Deck Cheese) 
Flogging Molly - 'Float' (Side One Dummy) 
Static Thought - 'Conquest of Saints' (Hellcat) (Live at Maida Vale) 
Hellmouth - 'Overtime In a Shark Cage' (Ferret) 
Tiger Army - 'Outlaw Heart' (Hellcat) 
Graveyard Johnnys - 'Coming Home' (Let It Rock) 
Hyperjax - 'The Wildest Card' (Cherry Red) 

Broadway Calls In Session:
Broadway Calls - 'Back to Oregon' (Acoustic) (Side One Dummy) 
Broadway Calls - 'Save Our Ship' (Acoustic) (Side One Dummy) 

Rival Schools - 'Good Things' (Island) 
Chuck Ragan - 'Do You Pray' (Side One Dummy) 
Reign Supreme - 'Iscariot' (Deathwish) 
Grave Maker - 'Drop The Torch' (Dead End) 
Tom Gabel - 'Anna Is a Stool Pigeon' (Sire)
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