Radio 1's Punk Show with Mike Davies

Tue 02.00-04.00

Tuesday 13 January 2009


Anti-Flag - 'Drink Drank Punk (Die For Your Government) 
Spinnerette - 'Ghetto Love' (White Label) 
Leathermouth - 'Bodysnatchers 4 Ever' (Epitaph) 
A Wilhelm Scream - 'The I Hate __ Club' (Nitro) 
The Bouncing Souls - 'Gasoline' (Chunksaah) 
Fake Problems - 'The Dream Team' (Side One Dummy) 
The Riot Before - 'You Can’t Sexy Dance To Punk Rock' (Say 10) 
The Bronx - 'Young Bloods' (White Drugs) 
Pama International - 'To Have & To Have Not' (Rockers Revolt) 
Beastie Boys - 'High Plains Drifter' (Capitol)
Dead Swans - 'Swallow' (Thirty Days of Night)
Fast Point - 'I’m Sick' (Kamikazee)
The Gaslight Anthem - 'Great Expectations' (Side One Dummy) 
Polar Bear Club - 'Our Ballads' (Red Leader) 
Frank Turner - 'Reasons Not To Be An Idiot' (Xtra Mil) 

Outlaw Anthems

Dillinger Four – 'Civil War'

Track – Gainesville
Label – Fat Wreck Chords 

Thrice – 'Live At The House of Blues'
Track – Firebreather
Label – Vagrant 

Tom Gabel – 'Heart Burns'
Track – Random Hearts
Label – Sire 

The Creepshow – 'Run For Your Life '
Track – Take My Hand
Label – People Like You 

Star F'ing Hipsters – 'Until We’re Dead'
Track – Until We’re Dead
Label – Fat Wreck Chords

Random Hand In Session
Random Hand - 'Roots in the Crowd' 
Random Hand - 'Roots Inside'

The Cramps - 'Sunglasses After Dark' (Capitol) 
Take Courage - 'Vs' (White Label) 
Dead To Me - 'Arrythmic Palpitations' (Fat Wreck Chords) 
Dillinger Four - 'Jingle For The Product' (Fat Wreck Chords) 
Alkaline Trio - 'Over & Out' (V2) 
Lucero - 'On The Way Back Home' (Liberty & Lament)
Joey Cape - 'The Ramones Are Dead' (Suburban Home)

Random Hand In Session
Random Hand - 'Human'
Random Hand - 'Anger Management' 

Tsunami Bomb - 'Take The Reins' (Nitro) 
Shock Ones - 'Order Form' (Modern Alchemy) 
Conflict - 'Meat Means Murder' (Mortarhate) 
Discharge - 'Society’s Victim' (Castle) 
Babar Luck - '1 Luv' (Rebel Music) 
The John Player Specials - 'Bad Town' (Do The Dog)
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