Radio 1's Punk Show with Mike Davies

Tue 02.00-04.00

Tuesday 31 October

Misfits - ‘Monster Mash’ (Roadrunner)
Park Royal - ‘Pick Up Lines’ (Unsigned)
AFI - ‘Halloween’ (Nitro)
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - ‘Goodbye Earl’ (Fat Wreckchords
The Street Dogs - ‘Not Without a Purpose’ (Brass Tacks)
RX Bandits Only - ‘For The Night’ (MDB Records)
Hope Conspiracy - ‘Suicide Design’ (Deathwish)
Atreyu - ‘Right Side of The Bed’ (Victory)
The Lost Patrol - ‘Little Obsession’ (Burning Heart)
Send More Paramedics - ‘Zombie Crew’(In At The Deep End)
Matt Skiba - ‘Demons Away’ (Fat Wreck Chords)
Gang Green - ‘Skate To Hell’ (Taang)

Outlaw Anthems
5 - Samiam – ‘When We’re Together’ (Burning Heart)
4 - Heavens – ‘Patent Pending’ (Epitaph)
3 - The Draft – ‘New Eyes Open’ (Epitaph)
2 - Captain Everything – ‘The Bomb Song’ (Household Name Records)
1 - Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – ‘Jolene’ (Fat Wreckchords)

The Bronx - ‘History’s Stranglers’ (Wichita)
Less Than Jake - ‘PS Shock The World’ (Warners)
Dropkick Murphys - ‘The Gauntlet’ (Hellcat)
The Bruisers - ‘Till The End’ (TKO)
Propagandhi - ‘Rock For Sustainable Capitalism’ (Fat Wreck Chords)
The Peacocks - ‘I Can Do a Lot For My Size’ (Household Name)
Winnebago Deal - ‘Reeper’ (Fierce Panda)
Mad Caddies - ‘Drinking For 11’ (Fat Wreck Chords)

Mad Caddies Interview
World Exclusive Demo
The Mad Caddies - 'Pyramid Scheme' (Demo)

Sick of it All - ‘Step Down’ (Atlantic)
Madball - ‘Pride’ (Times Are Changing) (Roadrunner)
My Chemical Romance - ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ (Warners)
Frank Turner - ‘The Real Damage’ (Xtra Mile)

Under The Influence – Samiam
My Morning Jacket – ‘Anytime’ (BMG)
The Replacements – ‘Answering Machine’ (Restless)
Guided By Voices – ‘I Am A Tree’ (Matador)
Nightmare Before Christmas - ‘This Is Halloween’ (Walt Disney Records)

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