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Tue 02.00-04.00

Tuesday 08 August


Flogging Molly - 'What's Left Of The Flag' (Burning Hearts)
The Aggrolites - 'Time To Get Tough' (Hellcat)
The Drips - 'Wasted Time' (Wichita)
Alkaline Trio - 'Burn' (Nitro)
Mad Caddies - 'Without You' (Fat Wreck Chords)
AFI - 'The Missing Frame' (Polydor)
Black Flag - 'Nervous Breakdown' (SST)
The Bronx - 'History's Stranglers' (Wichita)
Terror - 'Strike You Down' (Trustkill Records)
F-Minus - 'Wake Up Screaming' (Epitaph)
Heavens - 'Patent Pending' (Epitaph)
Slayer - 'Cult' (Warners)

LA Outlaw Anthems
5. Rise Against - 'The Sufferer & The Witness' (Geffen)
4. Flogging Molly - 'Whisky On A Sunday' (Sideonedummy)
X3. AFI - 'Decemberunderground' (Polydor)
2. Riverboat Gamblers - 'To The Confusion Of Our Enemies' (Volcom)
1. The Bronx - 'The Bronx' (Wichita)


Flogging Molly - 'Laura' (Sideonedummy)
Circle Jerks - 'Live Fast, Die Young' (Frontier Records)
Agent Orange - 'Blood Stains' (Poshboy)
7 Seconds - 'Walk Together, Rock Together' (Sideonedummy)
Youth Brigade - 'Sink With California'
Suicide Machine (Sideonedummy)
The Briggs - 'Bored Teenager' (Sideonedummy)
Zox - 'Thirsty' (Sideonedummy)
Flogging Molly - If I Ever Leave This World Alive (Sideonedummy)
The Bronx (Wichita)
X - Los Angeles (Slash)
22 Jacks - 'Somewhere In Between'
The Transplants - Gangsters And Thugs
Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles
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