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Tue 02.00-04.00

Tuesday 6th June


Face To Face - 'Disconnected' (Victory)
Thursday - 'Counting 5,4,3,2,1 (Victory/Hassle)
Zox - 'Side One Dummy' (Side One Dummy)
Small Arms Dealer - 'Pagansong' (Deep Elm Records)
Billy Talent - 'Devil In A Midnight Mass' (Atlantic)
The Aggrolites - 'Prisoner Song' (Hellcat)
Comeback Kid - 'Wake The Dead' (Victory Records)
Raised Fist - 'The Sound Of The Republic' (Burning Heart)
Phinius Cage - 'Battered And Bruised'
Mad Caddies - 'Without You' (Live)
Capdown - Strictly Business (Gravity Dip)
Reel Big Fish - Take On Me (Universal)
Avenged Sevenfold - Walk
Winnebago Deal - Spider Bite (Fierce Panda)
Municipal Waste - Unleash The Bastards

Outlaw Anthems Chart
5 NOFX - Wolves In Wolves Clothing
4 King Blues - Under The Fog
3 Less Than Jake - In With The Outcrowd
2 Bouncing Souls - The Gold Record
1 AFI - December Underground

Lockup Session
Anti Flag - White Riot

Matisyahu - Youth (BMG)
NOFX - You're Wrong (Fat Wreckchords)
The Hollowpoints - Nevery Say Die (Disaster Records)
Wages Of Sin - Lay Me Down (My Checkbook Records)
The Bouncing Souls - The Pizza Song (Epitaph)
Ringworm - God Eat God (Victory Records)
New Mexican Disaster Squad - Tightrope (Jade Tree Records)

Lockup Session
Anti Flag - Press Corpse
Anti Flag - This Is The End

The Rock It Dog - Teenager In Love (Crazy Love Records
The Two Shot Blast - War Of The Worlds (Lock Jaw Records)
Laughing In The Face Of - Technically Advanced Flea Ridden

Under The Influence - Tiger Army
Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Clash - I Fought The Law

Sick Of It All - Uprising Nation

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