Mary Anne Hobbs

Thu 02.00-04.00

Thursday 29 October


Thom Yorke - 'The Hollow Earth' (w.a.s.t.e.)
Sigha - 'Hold Your Heart Up To The Light' (Hotflush)
VHS Head - 'Growler Spit You Out' from the EP 'Video Club' (Skam)
Mono/Poly - 'MS-14' from 'The George Machine EP' (Faces Records)
Emika - 'Drop The Other' Scuba Vulpine remix (Ninja Tune)
Joy Orbison - 'BRKLN CLLN' (Doldrums Recordings)
Space - 'Carry On, Turn Me On' Architeq version (Tirk)
Mizz Beats - 'My World' (Deep Medi)

Modeselektor Mix:
Re:group - ‘Antichance’ (Jesse Somfay Adiabatic remix) (Detund)
Indigo - 'Fading' (Mindset)
Wax - ‘10001b’ (Panamax remix) (Subsolo)
Unknown Artist - ‘Cm3 Skank’ (Idle Hands)
Robert Hood - ‘Range’ (M-plant Mpm)
Aoki Taakamasa: RN Rhythm Variations - ‘RN2-09 PT1 + PT2’ (Raster Noton)
Thom Yorke, John Matthias, Trinity College of Music String Ensemble & Nic Pendlebury - ‘Cortical Songs’ (Neuron Trigger Mx) (Nonclassical)
Patrick Cowley & J. Socarras: Soon - ‘Soon’ (Kink Remix) (Macro)
Cristian Vogel - ‘Mungo’ (Snork Enterprises)
Joy Orbison - ‘J.Doe’ (Doldrums)

Ben Frost - 'Killshot' from the LP 'By The Throat' (Bedroom Community) Sweat
Sweatson Klank - 'Self Awakening' (Dubplate)
Andy Stott - 'Night Jewel' (Modern Love)

Machine Drum Mix:
Letherette - ‘Giro Milo’ (Machinedrum Edit, Unreleased)
Machinedrum - ‘The Way’ (Unreleased)
Mux Mool - ‘Death9000’ (Machinedrum Remix, Mux Mool, ‘Death 9000 single)
Machinedrum - ‘Let It Feat. Melo-X’ (Machinedrum Remix, ‘Let It’ EP, Normrex)
Machinedrum - ‘Let It Feat. Melo-X’ (Lazer Sword Remix, ‘Let It’ EP, Normrex)
Machinedrum - ‘Let It Feat. Melo-X’ (Edit Remix, ‘Let It’ EP, Normrex)
Machinedrum - ‘Late Night Reprise’ (‘Let It’ EP, Normrex)
Lazer Sword - ‘Gucci Sweatshirt’ (Neonblack Acid Remix, Lazer Sword)
Mickey Factz - ‘Rapio’ (Machinedrum Remix - Unreleased)
Machinedrum - ‘Make A Decision’ (Want To 3 4?, Normrex)
Calmer - ‘The Ground Within You’ (Unreleased)
Machinedrum - ‘Port In Port Out’ (Unreleased)
Machinedrum - ‘2 Bars 2 Many’ (Want To 3 4?, Normrex)

Starkey feat Badness - 'OK Luv' (Planet Mu)
Blue Daisy feat Shuanise - 'Floating Lights' (Dubplate)
Teebs - 'Flower Drum' (Dubplate)
Boards Of Canada - 'Seven Forty Seven' from the 'Unheard' compilation (Warp)
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