Mary Anne Hobbs

Thu 02.00-04.00

Wednesday 29th April

Prefuse 73 – ‘Periodic Measurements Of Infrequent Smiles’ (Warp)
Joker & Ginz - 'Purple City' (Kapsize)
Nosaj Thing - 'IOIO' from the LP 'Drift' (Alpha Pup)
Fulgeance - 'Ann Arbour' [Jimmy Edgar Mix] (One Handed Music)
Nadsroic & Hudson Mohawke - 'Room Mist' from the 'Room Mist EP' (Lucky Me)
Brackles - 'LHC' (Planet Mu)
Blue Daisy - 'Callin' [remix] (Dubplate)
Tokimonsta - 'Stigmatizing Sex' (Dubplate)
DVA feat Badness, Riko, Flowdan & Killa P - 'Bullet A' Go Fly' (Keysound)
Gravious - 'Vultures' (Highpoint Lowlife)
Martyn – ‘Yet’ from ‘Techtonic Plates Vol. 2’ (Tectonic)

Jakes in the Mix
Jakes – ‘Help Yourself’ (Hench)
Jakes -‘Hand In The Air’ (Hench)
Jakes - ‘In The Place To Be’ [v.i.p] (Hench)
Jakes - ‘Rhythm’ (Hench)
Jakes - ‘Rock the Bellz’[v.i.p] (Hench)
Jakes - ‘Stupid Skrilla’ (Hench)
Jakes – ‘Get’ (Hench)
Jakes -‘We Dream’ (feat Elisha King) (Hench)

Jason Sparks 'Gangsters' [Reso's Criminal Mix] (Dubplate)
2000F and J Kamata 'You Don't Know What Love Is' [VIP] (Dubplate)
Conquest - 'Mahoghany' (Break The Habit)

Silkie in the Mix
Silkie – ‘Beauty’ (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Head Butt Da Deck’ (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Turvy’ (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Techno 22 (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Horizon’ (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Planet X (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Purple Love’ (Deep Medi)
Skream – ‘Filth’ [Silkie Remix] (Dub)
Silkie – ‘Mattaz’ (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Test’ (Deep Medi)

Benga - 'Buzzin' (Tempa)

Headz Up! Quentin in Oslo, Norway
Pryapisme – ‘In The Red’

Elemental - 'Arise' (Reduction)
Joker - 'Snake Eater' (Soul Motive)
Alpine - 'fr:om' (Highpoint Lowlife)
Dimlite - 'Ravemond's Young Problems' (Rush Hour)
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