Mary Anne Hobbs

Thu 02.00-04.00

Wednesday 19th December


Skream - live at Sonar Festival 2007

Burial album preview - mixed by Kode 9
Burial - 'Feral Witchchild'
Burial - 'Archangel'
Burial - 'Endorphin'
Burial - 'Etched Headplate'
Burial - 'Homeless'
Burial - 'Dogshelter'
Burial - 'Archeron'
Burial - 'Shell of Light'
Burial - 'Stairwell'
Burial - 'UK'
Burial - 'In McDonalds'
Burial - 'Near Dark'
Burial - 'Afterglow'
Burial - 'Sinkheart'
Burial - 'Speed Ball2'
Burial - 'Cold Planet'
Burial - 'Stay'

Murcof  mix

DJ Pinch - mixing at the intersection between techno & dubstep
Pinch- 'Trauma' (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz - 'Creeper' (Dubplate)
Peverelist- 'The Grind' (Punch Drunk)
Headhunter- 'Quantum' (Dubplate)
Atki2 - 'Architect' (Dubplate)
Appleblim- 'Vansan' (Skull Disko)
2562- 'Channel Two' ( Tectonic)


Virus Syndicate - live at Bloc Weekender 2007

Sub Swara mix
Dhruva- 'Intro' (featuring Juakali) (White Label)
Secret Agent Gel- 'Board' (White Label)
Kush Arora and Lukeino- 'Surf's Up' (Kush Arora Productions)
Dave Q- 'Legalize it Refix' (Dub War) (White Label)
Sharmaji- 'Insh'allah' (White Label)

Shackleton Mix
Shackelton featuring Tenfold Vengeance 'The Rope Tightens (Skull Disco Dubplate)
Shackleton - 'In The Void' (Skull Disco Dubplate)
Shackleton featuring Tenfold Vengeance - '...But The Branch Is Weak' (Skull Disco Dubplate)
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