Mary Anne Hobbs

Thu 02.00-04.00

Friday 13th July


Barrington Levi & Beenie Man – ‘Under Mi Sensi’ [X Project Remix] Skream – ‘Hedd Banger’ (Dubplate)
Tinchy Strider – ‘Not Like Me’ [LP - ‘Star In The Hood’] (Takeover Entertainment)
Claro Intelecto – ‘Beautiful Death’ (Dubplate)
Mindspan – ‘Co-Axial’ (Dubplate)
Daybre feat Doom - ‘Air’ (Kode 9 Mix) (Ghostly International)
Taz Buckfaster – ‘Strike First’ (Dubplate)
Klute & Calibre – ‘Freedom Come’ [LP - ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’] (Commercial Suicide)
Murcof – ‘Cosmos I’ [LP - ‘Cosmos’] (Leaf)
Curtis Lynch Jr feat JD – ‘Mad Dread’ (Necessary Mayhem)
Elemental – ‘Sparkle’ [Boxcutter remix] (Hotflush)
Kevin Gorman – Untitled (Mikrowave)


Guest Mix: Al Haca
Al Haca feat Joyce - ‘Amicadi’ (Dubplate)
Milanese -‘Tau’ (Planet Mu)
Tolcha feat Rqm - ‘The World Is A Ghetto’ (Metapolyp)
Aphrodelics - ‘Stomp’ [Siqnature Remix] (Dubplate)
Milanese - ‘Barry Dub’ (Planet Mu)
One Time - ‘One Time’ [Stereotyp's Bootleg Rmx] (Dubplate)
Tolcha feat Soom T - ‘What About Us’ [White Dress Remix] (Dubplate)
Chris De Luca vs Phono feat Rqm - ‘Designer’ (Dubplate)
Jahcoozi feat Lexy Lee - ‘Freeze’ (Dubplate)
Stereotyp - ‘Keepin Me’ [Stereotyp Remake] (Dubplate)
Milanese - ‘Tau’ (Planet Mu)
Tolcha feat Soom T - ‘Void’ (Dubplate)
Al Haca - ‘Porra’ [Synthline] (Dubplate)
Al Haca feat Fefe - ‘Reprezent’ (Duplate)
Cyrus - ‘Indian Stomp’ (Tectonic)
Siqnature feat Sara - ‘Oh Ja Oh Ye’ (Dubplate)
Siqnature - ‘Cry’ (Dubplate)
Tritone - ‘Mercury’ [Siqnature Remix] (Dubplate)

Ekaj – ‘KJah’ (Dubpate)
Plaid – ‘Bar Kimura’ Vex’d remix (Dubplate)
Ilx - 'Xhoust Fumes' (Dubplate)
Autobee – ‘Grump C***’ [LP - ‘Vomit!’] (Proboscus)
Matthew Herbert – ‘Waste Land’ [LP - ‘Plat Du Jour’] (Accidental)
Strings Of Consciousness – ‘Sirenade Round Midnight’ (Central Control International)
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