Mary Anne Hobbs

Thu 02.00-04.00

Friday 16 February


Drumcorps – ‘Terrible Things’ (Ad Noiseum)
Gazormass – ‘Todial Chamber Tu’ from the LP ‘F*** France Germany’ (WWilko)
Ben Frost – ‘Theory Of Machines’ from the LP ‘Theory Of Machines’ (Bedroom Community)
Si Begg ft Epcot – ‘Hard Like Funk’ from ‘Jetlag & Tinnitus part 2’ (Noodles Recordings)
Fireworkz – ‘Hold It Down’ (Dubplate)

The Dubplate
TRG – ‘Back Like That’ (Hessle Audio)

Archetypes – ‘Kakalaki’ (Pioneer Unit)
Benga & Walsh – ‘Bingo’ (Hotflush)
Forbidden Society - 'Demons' (DJ Hidden mix) (White)
Terror Danjah & Whily – ‘Zumpi Hunta’ (Aftershock Dubplate)

Eustachian – ‘Battle Grinds’ (Fathme)

Vex’D Vs Distance mix
Sunn 0))) – ‘Sin Nanna’ (Test)
John Richards ft Genia- ‘Suite No 2 for Piano & Electronics’ (Vex'd Remix) (Planet Mu test)
Khanate – ‘Release’ (Hydra Head)
Dillinger Escape Plan – ‘Phone Home’ (Relapse)
Vex'd – ‘Killing Floor’ (Planet Mu)
Distance – ‘Taipan’ (Boka)
Distance – ‘Ska’ (Planet Mu)
Isis – ‘From: Sinking, To: Drowing’ (Destructo Swarmbots) (Robotic Empire)


Distance – ‘Traffic’ (Planet Mu)
Vex'd – ‘Nails’ (Planet Mu)
Napalm Death – ‘Our Pain Is Their Power’ (Century Media)
Celtic Frost – ‘Human’ (Noise)
Godflesh – ‘Vein’ (White)
Sunn 0))) – ‘Cry For The Weeper’ (White)
Techno Animal ft Sonic Sum – ‘DC-10’ (Matador)
Isis – ‘Carry’ (Robotic Empire)
Cult Of Luna – ‘Arrival’ (Earache)
Durrty Goodz – ‘Fire Smasher’ (Dubplate)
Darqwan – ‘Ghost Not Memory’ (Planet Mu Dubplate)

The Download
Flying Lotus – ‘Pet Monster Shotglass’ (White)

Sgure Session
Ex Zarghamudha
King Of The Patriot
Total G
Mary Anne Hobbs Interlude
Fellation de Cauchemard (John Roche)
Broken Teeth (Tony Welter)

Intex Systems – ‘Titan’ (Scuba mix) (Dubplate)
Junior Murvin – ‘Police & Thieves’ (bbe)
Gutevolk – ‘I Like Rainbow’ from the LP ‘Singing Over The Rainbow’ (Noble)
Infinite Scale – 'My Aquatic Life' [Performed Live At The Ritzy] (White)

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