Mary Anne Hobbs

Thu 02.00-04.00

Friday 26 January


Durrty Goodz – ‘Switching Songs’ (Duplate)
Marc Ashken – ‘Roots Died Dark’ (Skream remix) (Leftroom)
Mark Swift – ‘Bloody Champion’ from the LP ‘Ave Mavis’ (Sublight)
Unknown– ‘Unknown’ (Dubplate)
Konfab – ‘Swart Gevaar’ (Pioneer Unit)

The Dubplate
Ceephax Acid – ‘Acid Whorl’ (Dubplate)

Rufige Kru – ‘Vanilla’ (Metalheadz)
Blamstrain – Frame Math’ from the LP ‘Disfold’ (Sending Orbs)
Mathhead – ‘Stagger Dub’ (Pitch Black)
Elephant Man – ‘Bring It, Bring It’ (Run Things Records)
Davide Squillace – ‘Make Me What?’ (Minisketch)
Onur Ozer - 'Twilight' (Vakant)


Onur Ozer mix
Onur Özer – ‘Red Cabaret Solo’ (Vakant)
Pink Floyd – ‘On The Run’ (Harvest)
Angelo Badalamenti – ‘Mulholland Drive’ (Milan Records)
Winx – ‘Minimal Thoughts’ (Nervous Records)
Cornel Campbell – ‘King In My Empire’ (Rhythm & Sound)
Akira Rabelais – ‘Gymnopedie No.1’ (Ritornell)
Dante & Dhula – ‘Why Do The Wicked Ones Rule’ (IIWII)
Shackleton – ‘Blood On My Hands’ (Skull Disco)

Silent Witness – ‘Eternal Cycle’ (DNAudio)
AOKI Takamasa – ‘Mirabeau’ from the LP ‘Parabolica’ (Opdisc)

The Download
Sgure ‘fFfFfF’ (Tecno mix) (Fathme)

Dilla – ‘Make ‘em NV’ from the LP ‘Ruff Draft’ (Stones Throw)
Clark – ‘Ted’ from the ‘Ted’ EP (Warp)
u-Ziq – ‘Pon Pons’ (Dubplate)
Bola – ‘Forcasa 2.2’ from the LP ‘Shapes’ (Skam)

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