Mary Anne Hobbs

Thu 02.00-04.00

Breezeblock Tracklistings: 17/08/04

The Residents- 'Kaw-Liga' (N.E.W.S.) (12")
Hell feat. Alan Vega- 'Listen To The Hiss (Tiefshwarz remix)' (International Deejay Gigolos) (12")
Buck Funk- 'Too Much Booty' (White) (12")
Rio Baille Funk- 'De Falla' (Essay) (12")

Mu- 'Paris Hilton' (Output) (12")

The Knife- 'Heartbeats (Rex the Dog remix) (Rabid)
Trio Exclusiv- 'San Fran (Patrick Pulsinger remix) (Universal)
Quio- 'So Dazed' (AGF) (12")
Nathan Fake- 'The Sky Was Pink' (Border Community)
Shitmat- 'Big Ben's Big Remix' (Planet Mu) (LP- Full English Breaksfest)
Beyer and Lenk feat. Tiga- 'Heartbreak' (Novamute)
Eater- 'Time Went Slowly Just For Me' (Daisy World Discs) (12")

Francois K- 'Enlightenment' (Wave Music)
Thomas Fehlmann- 'Little Big Horn' (Kompakt)
Abe Duque- 'What Happened' (Abe Duque)
Rene Amesz- 'Back Into The Funk' (White)
Green Velvet- 'La La Land' (White)
Tropf- 'Dirk Diggler' (White)
Sound American Dubs- 'Unknown' (LP- Samuel L Sessions P. 4) (White)
Jeff Mills- 'Native High' (Purpose Maker)
Latin Lover- 'Monika Cruise (Deetron remix) (White)
Aja- 'Your Light' (Pousse)
burkina Faso- 'Atsushi Yano' (Ingoma)
Toca- 'Boca (Cavana remix) (White)

Dyslexia- 'Main' (Def Jux) (12")
Jahbitat- 'Unknown' (Supaseed) (LP- Tonadas)
High Contrast- 'Lovesick' (Hospital)
Wagon Christ- 'Shadows' (Ninja)
M. Ward- 'Dead Man' (Warp) (LP- Dead Man's Shoes Soundtrack)
Mum- 'Dusk Log' (Fatcat)
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