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Dave Pearce larging it at Love Parade Back in 1989, Berlin started a dance party called the Love Parade. It attracted 150 people then but last year's event pulled in one and a half million clubbers. On Saturday in Roundhay Park in Leeds, Radio 1 put on their own Love Parade. There was an estimated quarter of a million people dancing in the park from 1 o'clock until 11pm. Briggy Smale was there.

Watch Briggy Smale's report:
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The Radio 1 stage The Leeds Love Parade attracted nearly 300,000 people from around the country and across Europe. There were floats from the best clubs in the country, like Godskitchen, Back 2 Basics, Home, Slinky, Big Beat Boutique and from DJ's like Dave Pearce's Dance Anthems, Dreem Teem and the Love Groove Dance party. Dress code: wear as little as possible and wear a big smile!

The sight blew everyone away, including Judge Jules: "I knew that it would be rammed. It's a bit like going to Disneyland for the first time - you know you're gonna enjoy it, but you have no idea what it actually looks like until you've experienced it," he says. "I keep using it as an analogy because I've not got any better analogy in my head. If anybody's seen the funeral scene out of 'Ghandi' where you just see a crowd which disappears into the vanishing point, you'll know what I'm talking about. Literally, people as far as the eye can see."

Tong on the decks People followed the floats like the pied piper. It got a bit congested at times and even Pete Tong couldn't find his Essential float: "I haven't actually seen my float yet. I think it's been hijacked! Gone off into the woods somewhere," he said. "I must admit I'm slightly concerned about going around in a park, being so different to going around in a city, but people have really got into the spirit of it and the route for the floats seems to be working, i.e. they're not getting around very fast!"

The event attracted the biggest names in the dance world - Jason from Phats & Small was certainly luvved up: "One Love - there's only One Love and that's Radio 1. Actually, there's two loves, aren't there? There's Radio 1 and my girlfriend!"

Seb said the best thing about Love Parade was that it was free Even the bad weather later in the day didn't dampen the clubbers' spirits. Seb Fontaine, one of Radio 1's newest recruits, thought it was a great opportunity to put on a huge dance party at no cost to the punter: "There's one thing with this one - this one's free. It really is giving something back and I think you can see that vibe. Everyone is on top form."

He's not wrong - a lot of smiley, and some quite bizarre-looking faces everywhere and they were all having, as we say in the business, a large one:
"Unbelievable. Everyone is just having a brilliant time. Really enjoying themselves."
"The whole vibe of everyone dancing, it's brilliant."
"Everyone's been so friendly. There's been no trouble at all. It's been an absolutely brilliant day. Really enjoyed it."
"You walk a few yards you get a different DJ, a different crowd of people, but everybody's just so sorted, it's unbelievable. It's brilliant and I love it!"

Newsbeat were at the Love Parade, and you can read their reports from the day by clicking here

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