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3 Oct 2014
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One Live In London
One World: Movement @ Bar Rumba

DJ PatifeOn Thursday 12th April, One World came live from drum & bass night Movement at Bar Rumba on London's Shaftesbury Avenue. Featured guest on the show were Brazil's DJ Patife, plus Movement resident and V Recordings' label manager Bryan Gee, and MCs Cleveland Watkiss and Dynamite. We caught up with Patife to find out how the drum & bass scene in Brazil compares to that of London, and to find out which London DJs and producers he really rated.

How did your involvement with Movement come about?
The whole history started in 1998, when we decided to do Movement parties over in Sao Paolo, so we got in contact with Bulldozer (Movement's promoters), and then I came over here, bringing videos and compilations of us in Brazil. The guys really loved it. For a long time, it was our dream to play here because drum & bass is from here. I've been Djing for about 10 years now. I started when I was young - 13 years old. I did many birthday parties, and did many tracks before. I played with hip hop bands and got a lot of experience. I've played a lot of different kinds of music for a long time, but always I've been fighting to play only drum and bass and now it's okay. For the last four years, everything in Brazil has been brilliant - me, Marky, Andy, the whole crew, Xerxes, everyone has had a lot of support for us.

Patife on the decksHow did you first pick up on drum & bass in Brazil?
DJ Marky used to work in a record shop, so I met him there. Once, in about 1992/3, he said to me, "Hey Patife, look at this, it's from London. Hardcore jungle or something like that. Have a listen." When I heard it, I said, "Hey, that's the way!" So since 1993, we decided to fight for drum & bass. We had a lot of problems because many people said this music is no good - "You have to play for the girls, you have to play music with soul, this ragga thing is no good." But we just love it, so we fight, fight, fight and now everything is okay.

You obviously appreciate the energy of drum & bass - how do audiences compare between London and Brazil?
It's difficult to say, because people in Brazil have a lot of energy. I think because drum & bass is a culture from here, people understand it more. Now in Brazil, it's all about the Brazilian thing. Every is going, "Patife, when are you releasing music?" Soon! Everything is London is going good, so don't worry, it's coming! In two weeks, I'll bring some copies to Brazil, get Cleveland Watkisssome distribution and send it to some record shops. It's a very good experience for me to work with musicians like Fernanda Porto. She wrote the music and did the melody and harmony, and Marcos De Castro as well, with me and Marky. It's a very good time. I'm so excited!

Have you got any new tunes for the One World show?
Yeah, about six or seven with Brazilian vocals. I always start with a new one. It's one that's playing on a soap opera in Brazil right now! Me and Marky with Fernanda and Eros. You'll see!

Have you done a lot of live radio before?
Not like this. Me and Marky have a radio show in Sao Paolo, but only a one hour show in the studio. We play the music, talk about the scene, the clubs, the new releases, but I've never played in a club on the radio with thousands of people listening. It's my first time and I'll never forget it. Thanks to the BBC!

Who are your favourite London DJs and producers?
I really like Basement Jaxx. For drum & bass, I really love Fabio. He's my hero. Bryan Gee and Frost as well are my favourite DJs. For a producer, I really love Rob Playford from Moving Shadow.
The crowd at Movement
Which other cities in the world compare musically or club-wise to London?
I've only been in Brazil and England, and the vibe here is really the same as in Sao Paolo. I can't compare, because for me it's the same. It's too cold here though! I live in 30 - 35 degrees heat, and everytime I come here it's like -1. It's hard for me!

If you missed Patife's One World show, you can catch him over the next few days at the following club nights - Friday 13th April at Club M in Southampton, Saturday 14th at Off Centre at London's 333 and at Ocean Rooms in Brighton, and Sunday 15th at Planet V at The End, where he'll be playing drum & bass and a special jazz/bossanova set in the AKA bar. He contributes two tracks to the 'Brazil EP', currently available on Trama/V Recordings. For more on Patife, visit

Hear 'Sambassin' by DJ Patife feat. Fernanda Porto (you'll need Realplayer)

We also checked in with some of the Movement crowd to find out which London DJs and producers they rated, and which other cities in the world compared to London...

Becky and friend

Name: Becky
From: Milton Keynes
Favourite DJs: Hype, Fabio, Grooverider
Favourite cities: Bristol and Brighton

Flyer V

Name: Flyer V (warm-up DJ at Bar Rumba)
From: Dagenham, Essex
Favourite DJs/Producers: Randle, Skibadee, Roni Size, Mampi Swift, Krust
Favourite city: London is No.1 for drum & bass. It's common knowledge that this is the best place in the world!


Name: Bod
From: New York
Favourite DJs: Westwood - he plays the hypest hip hop
Favourite city: New York - the clubs are much hyper that here!

Karen and Plover

Name: Karen and DJ Plover
From: London
Favourite DJs/Producers: Doc Scott and Metalheadz circa 1995
Favourite city: New York - there's a good atmosphere there, and good hip hop clubs


Marky & Patife - 'So Trinha' (Acetate)
Jairz Hinho Oliviera Vs Patife - '?' (Acetate)
Future V - '?' (Acetate)
Brazil EP - '?' (Acetate)
? - 'Just Wanna Be' (Acetate)
Zinc - 'Casino Royal' (True Playaz)
Nuyorican Soul Feat Jocelyn Brown - 'It's Alright Feel It' (?)
J Majik - 'Love Is Not A Game' (Infrared)
? - '?' (Acetate)
Brazil EP - '?' (V Records)
Seconds Hour - '?' (?)
? - 'Told You How 2 Rock' (White Label)
Razel - 'Out Of Reach' (Talkin Loud)
Dub Plate - '?' (?)
Magik - 'Space Invader' (Music House)
? - 'Planet Dust' (White Label)
Ram Raiders Part 3 - 'Hush-Hush Simon' (Promo)
Swift - 'Trippen (The Resurrection LP)' (?)
Human Beat Box - 'Scillenger' (White Label)
? - 'Mapi' (Charge Records)
Ram Raiders - 'Equinox Origen Unknown ' (White Label)
Bad Corpany - '?' (?)
Salsa 2001 - '?' (?)
Method Dvd - '?' (?)
Bust The Place - '?' (?)
Roni Size - '?' (Full Cycle)

Words & Photos: Helen Pendlebury / Zoe Fletcher

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