Top tips for first time Local Heroes


How do I know what type of volunteering is for me?

Think about what you like doing eg.working with computers, helping other people, enjoying the great outdoors...

Think about causes you feel passionate about eg.helping animals, the elderly or children, caring for the environment...

Think about what you want to get from the experience skills, fun, a chance to contribute to a cause, meeting new people...

Think about what you have to offer eg.enthusiasm, time, work skills, life skills...

What should I consider when applying?

Work out how much free time you have, and when you could fit volunteering around your life. Many times a week, once a month, or just once? Whatever you decide, make sure your timetable fits in with the volunteering or you could get stressed out trying to fit it all in!

Remember that anyone can volunteer. Whatever your skills or experience, chances are there's an opportunity out there for you!

Don't be afraid to ask questions! Contact volunteering organisations direct or check out their FAQs, where available, to find out more.

Try to be realistic when choosing an opportunity. Volunteering can be a big commitment and lots of hard work, but it can also be something you just try once or twice to see how it goes. Give a little or give a lot - it's all about finding out what's best for you and the charity.

Just give it a go! Often the biggest challenge for a new volunteer is simply making the first move. So get out there and be a Local Hero!

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