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Wednesday, 29th March - Day 3!

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He who doesn't speak

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Huey off of the web team

29 March 2006 :: 2.00

The Bar At Cardiff

Huey - website snooper

After working on the bus until 3am last night I decided I'd bring my laptop to where the action is... No not Laura's bunk - the bar. It was Scott's 25th birthday again so there a few drinks to be drunk and yarns to be told. A couple of young hospital radio DJs (identical twins which was a little kooky) looking for broadcasting tips tagged along and were more than welcome to join us as they were good lads who knew how to conduct themselves in the presences of royalty (Scott). As the evening went on, the lightweights headed off to bed and a hardcore crew were left to drink more than they should. We started to discuss the type of things you only discuss after many drinks late at night in a hotel bar. It was only in the morning that my thoughts turned to the teminally ill of Cardiff Infirmary who had tuned into the hospital radio hoping to hear their usual Alan Partridge-esque DJs only to find him replaced by a stereo version of Howard Stern. I expect the heart unit at the Cardiff Royal will have a busy day.

Huey off of the web team

29 March 2006 :: 8.00

A Stowaway!?

Huey - website snooper

Aries - 'you will be feeling slightly saucy on the 15th...'

After Returning from breakfast I must say I'm a little surprised to see one of hospital radio DJs sat on the bus all packed for a trip to Nottingham. Having said good night to him at the door of the hotel at 2.30am what could he have been doing for the last five and a half hours. Perhaps he slept under the bus or even on the roof. I don't remember him trying to sneak on the bus when we got on last night and I'm sure Rhys would've had something to say had he tried to climb into his bunk (something like "Stop stealing my ****ing blankets)... Either way he was politely asked to leave so that we could read slightly erotic horoscopes to each other though Scotts loud speaker...The attempts to entertain ourselves has sunk to an all time low.

Tour manager Miles

29 March 2006 :: 9.20

Swimwear eh? Nice!

Miles - bossy boots

Despite the late night drinking session last night (2.30am finish), everyone is in remarkably high spirits this morning. Either that or people haven't fully sobered up by now... Seem to remember discussions last night about trying out a swimwear round at the auditions tonight and watching the annoying late night quiz women on a non-specific national TV station. All in spirits are good, but the booze and long hours are taking their toll. To the point we're shattered! Still we're at the binge drinking capital of the UK tonight (Nottingham) so looks like we'll be doing it all again tonight!

PS Was kind of hoping that Huey had lost his iPod (see his blog entry) as all it contained was the world's most rubbish music selection - think "The best rubbish tracks (off the 70's) in the world EVER!"


29 March 2006 :: 10.00


Laura - our heroine

Oh my god! i'm in Heat magazine!

Director Will

29 March 2006 :: 10.36

Mucky Books

Will - video ogler

We're back on the bus headed for Nottingham. This being a blog on a BBC website means I can't go into full details about some things, and that includes the pure filth of the conversations on the bus. But I'm going to don my ballet shoes and attempt to tip-toe around some of the issues.

First of all Laura has acquired some 'Chick-rature' (She doesn't call it that but I can't use the real term because it contains the word for an intimate part of the female anatomy). This publication can best be described as a top shelf mag for girls. As I understand it girls don't get as turned on as men by visual stimuli, so the mag hasn't got lots of pics of naked guys. Instead it's full of mucky stories. For some reason Scott chose to read one of these, quite literally, no holes barred (is that where the expression comes from?) stories to the congregation of the bus via the medium of the show megaphone. It wasn't a particularly arousing experience for two reasons. First it was Scott reading it and he somehow lacked the conviction to tell tales of heterosexual entanglements and secondly he hadn't really got the hang of the megaphone and every third sentence was interrupted by squeaks of feedback. Still, with a bus full of 12 blokes desperate times mean desperate measures and it wasn't long before Rhys disappeared upstairs for one of his 'executive naps'.

Huey off of the web team

29 March 2006 :: 11.08

Bus Update

Huey - website snooper

Hard at work...

Silence on the bus. Everyone is either working (Me, Laura, Emlyn, Will and Roachy) or sleeping (Scott & Rhys) or playing on their playstation (Chappers of course). The mood is good... the air is bad.


29 March 2006 :: 11.27


Chappers - grumpy man

Chappers on the Playstation

Jo Whiley has just left me in shock by asking me live on air what a foof is? She must have known. I mean that woman is anything but innocent. Back to the playstation, have just lost to Bulgaria on Pro Evo Soccer. Hasn't helped my normal jovial mood.

Director Will

29 March 2006 :: 11.32


Will - video ogler

Paul the security bear

We've just stopped off at the services for a comfort break. In truth, Miles needed an 'Eartha' and Rhys a smoke, Paul the security bear needed to get some food because he hadn't eaten in 20 minutes. Honestly, Paul eats every hour. He's a big man, you wouldn't argue with him but there's not an ounce of fat on him, yet he eats like a herd of small ponies with worms. I happened upon him in the services staring glassily at a huge machine that served a variety of hot beverages. It seemed the contraption had him dumb-founded and for a few moments it appeared that hot coffee was going to alude him. Then a very nice old lady in a flowery hat, accompanied by her be-blazered husband came over and said "Are you having trouble dear?". Paul confessed he was and within minutes the dear old pensioner had him a nice coffee brewed up. You could see Paul was shocked, he nearly dropped one of the eight pasties he was carrying, presumably to tied him over until lunch in less than an hours time.

Huey off of the web team

29 March 2006 :: 15.20

Pimp My Tour Bus

Huey - website snooper

I've just been on the bus to do some work and in strolls Scott followed by a camera crew doing a 'Pimp My Tour Bus' kinda show. The presenter was Nottingham's answer to Tim Westwood and was very enthusiastic...too enthusiastic for my liking. He was the kinda guy that could 'big up' anything regardless of how un-big-up-able it was. As he was bigging up the plasma screens and playstations there was I, little ol' me updating my blog...he bigged me up...he bigged up my blog. I'm sure it will make amazing TV..for someone...somewhere.

Scott Mills

29 March 2006 :: 15.30


Scott - the turn

Blimey everyone is over tired today.

I feel like having an early night tonight - but what are the chances of that happening?

I could be in bed on the bus by 11 with a cup of cocoa and my copy of Take A Break - but I'm not feeling that will occur.

Me and Laura spent half an hour rolling about laughing this morning about the word "panties". I don't know why.

My hangover is now constant. Cardiff was brilliant last night, we had some characters. They love a drink in Wales. Gareth was my favourite - you will hear why on air later.

Scott Mills

29 March 2006 :: 18.35

Whiley The Diva

Scott - the turn

We've got Jo Whiley standing in for Chappers tonight who has been sacked because he was so rubbish last night. So in order for us to get Jo she's faxed through her rider. check it out here.

Huey off of the web team

29 March 2006 :: 23.30

Fancy Dress In Nottingham

Huey - website snooper

My word - the men of Nottingham outdid themselves tonight. Whilst I make no claims to be Brad Pitt, it must be said that what the guys lacked in looks they made up for in colour. If Wales is to be remembered as the home of poetry then Nottingham must be the land of bad fancy dress hire. We had a pointless Scooby Doo who stood like an apologetic shoe gazing school kid when Scott made him remove it because he looked 'silly'. Then there was a guy who dressed as a Knight as in "One Knight With Laura"...Oh dear. We had some bloke in camo gear, a stilt walker and a guy who lay on a bed of nails...he was so covered in holes that his back looked like a tea bag. Jo Whiley stood in for Chappers and though I missed him Jo was excellent. The winner was amazing (check out Scott's Show later) and will be great entertainment when we have him in next week. Everyone is down at the bar think I'll join them for a hot chocolate then retire to my bed...I'm so tired.

Mr Right: "Your looks are so good theyd make a blind man go out of his mind."

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