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The Latest From The Road...

We want to keep you completely up to date with what's happening aboard Laura's 'fun' bus at all hours of the day and night.

The team will be sending back updates whenever they can with all the gossip from the auditions.

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He who doesn't speak

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Director Will

31 March 2006 :: 10.35

Sex Starved Men

Will - video ogler

Will and a sausage...

I took the liberty of availing myself of the small bottle of pills the BBC provides for large groups of men on outside broadcast. These have a calming effect on the libido with only the minor side effect of turning one's water rusty brown. In the meantime, a nameless team member is getting hourly filth texts from his nubile other half and as a result we invented a new game. Basically, he got a text from his girlfriend and he knew it was as hot as a Newcastle curry. He didn't read it first, but covered it on the phone with a card and gradually revealed one line at a time, allowing me to read. The game was how many lines he would reveal before chickening out. I got pretty steamy before he grabbed the phone back and read the rest. Smiling like a Chesire cat who's got the nip, he told me how glad he was I hadn't read it. It wouldn't have mattered, I've had one of my little pills. I love the BBC, they think of everything.


31 March 2006 :: 11.55

Very Upset!

Laura - our heroine

Cillit Test

Just stopped off at the services in Scotland somewhere, sorry don't know where, I'm a bit geographically challenged. Just delivered a spicy Eartha (probably the result of the chilli con carne I ate last night), took a picture of Will next to a rather large sausage and then spoke to the lovely Jo Whiley. Scott is doing my head in. Its really hard to get any time and space to yourself on the bus and i'm finding it hard to avoid him. We are speaking now but i'm still a bit upset with him to be honest. Everyone in Newcastle was fantastic and went all out to help us and entertain us. The panel were not feeling the auditionees last night however. There was a really hot guy called Paul, Scott knows the kind of boys I like but he didn't put him through. Rubbish. Not impressed at all.

Also the Cillit Bang experiment didn't work. My coins turned green after soaking overnight in that magical fluid.

Can't wait to get to Glasgow and get a shower. LOVE SCOTLAND!!! bring on the men in kilts....goooood bornin!

Cameraman Pete

31 March 2006 :: 15.40

It's Nearly Over!

Pete - lord of the edit suite

It took until the last day but Tour Manager Miles finally got us all out and onto the bus on time this morning...Only to find the exit blocked by a laundry van. I thought he might blow a fuse bless him... I can't put much into this blog as we are rigging for this evening and also we've got last nights events to video edit and get online. Busy busy in the world of TV... Good thing is though we are hatching a plan for a bit of a night out after the audition tonight.

Huey off of the web team

31 March 2006 :: 15.57

Au Reviour!

Huey - website snooper

poor huey

The group has depleted for various reasons and we have stepped off the tour bus for one last time as tonight we get to sleep in a real bed in one of Glasgow's mid-range hotels. I can't express my excitement enough at the prospect of being in the presence of hairdryers that live in drawers, TVs that sit on swivelling stands and tea making facilities accompanied by a shortbread biscuits.

We might not have the Playstions or the DVD library that we had on the bus but who cares when you have privacy... a virtue taken for granted until I spent a week eating/sleeping/washing on a bus with colleagues (as lovely as they all are). God I stink.. I only washed 24 hours ago but the contamination on the bus attacks the minute you step on, clinging to your clothes and sticking to your hair. I'm beginning to think testosterone is sticking too. I'm quite ashamed to say I've taken part in conversations I would normally cross a very busy road to avoid in normal circumstance. But there is nothing normal about what we've been through so I must re-adjust my perspective and return to being the campest straight man in the UK if my circle of friends back home are ever going to accept me back.

It's very hard to put ones finger on the mood today. A tear did appear in my eye as the bus pulled through the gates of the BBC on another adventure which I'm sure will be far less exciting than ours... How can a Robbie Williams tour ever compare to One Night With Laura?

Before he boarded the bus, Dave The Driver shook my hand firmly and said in a fake fuming voice "Third Chuckle Brother am I?!?!"

I must learn to think before I blog. I must learn to think before I blog. I must learn to think before I blog. I must learn to think before I blog. I must learn to think before I blog. I must learn to think before I blog. I must learn to think before I blog. I must learn to think before I blog. I must learn to think before I blog. I must learn to think before I blog. I must learn to think before I blog. I must learn to think before I blog. I must learn to think before I blog. I must learn to think before I blog.

Director Will

31 March 2006 :: 17.42

C'mon me whatcha got!

Will - video ogler

All the ladies love....

I'm so busy today that I've got Huey as my bitch typing my blog. It was this or be Roachy's bitch and on the basis of some of Roachy's suggestions over the last 24 hours he knew what was good for him.

I've got to have todays video edited by 6pm or my tea bags are on the line. Its only now that I'm regretting having wasted valuable seconds posing to have my picture taken next to a giant sausage or childishly watching slow-mo clips containing more innuendo than a Carry On Box Set (of course these will never make the final edit). So with seconds ticking away and a mouth as dry as the Sahara those cheap bottles of Blue Nun someone gave to Laura earlier in the week are no longer objects of ridicule... in fact I've snaffled them off the bus and hid them in my hotel room for a secret session later when the bar tab runs out.

My earlier plea for invites out in Glasgow seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Somebody!!! Please!!! Save me from Karaoke in the hotel bar. Miles' intention may be good but surely after working 5 consecutive 20 hour days we deserve more than a night in front of Scott Mills singing 'I Will Survive'.

To quote Roachy from this morning "We're in Glasgow the ..... capital of the world". He said the same about Newcastle and all we ended up with there was egg butties and stella... C'mon me whatcha got.

Huey off of the web team

31 March 2006 :: 21.00

It's all gone Pete Tong

Huey - website snooper


It's 9pm and we're still eating dinner. The auditions should've started 30 minutes ago but I ain't moving until I polish off my chocolate sponge. Chappers is leaving to go to Aberdeen for a Chappers and Comedy Dave gig so I say my goodbyes. Earlier in the week he had ripped me apart for living in an area of Manchester that was home to footballers and soap stars. "Oh yeah...Keeping it real I see" was his comment. How happy was I whilst at dinner to see a man dressed like Parker from Thunderbirds enter the room and call out "Mr Chapman's Driver is here". Keep it real Chappers, keep it real.

After a week of really good work Miles the tour manager is really feeling the pace. Earlier in the evening whilst trying to organize dinner he had a mental malfunction and need help dialing his phone... then this evening during dinner he informed us that we were to be joined by Alison McKenzie from Scottish soap River City as celebrity judge. He then felt the need to explain the basics of social skills telling each of us to include her in conversations and not leave her alone for long periods of time. Thanks Miles. When a rather pleasing Alison did arrive the welcoming party threw open its arms and greeted her like a long lost family member. I think I even offered he a bit of my chocolate sponge at one point in an act of delirious generosity and over friendliness... hold on a minute... no I didn't. That was last day hallucinations kicking in... I'd never give my pudding to anyone.

To make matters worse... Will and Roachy really have busted a gut today editing last night's footage (mostly based around Laura's Dad asking one of the audionees if he thinks his behaviour will make Laura 'moist') and for some reason I'm struggling to make it work. If I let them down then I fear my week of bonding with them will count for nothing.

Huey off of the web team

1 April 2006 :: 04.00

Over and out... of it.

Huey - website snooper

poor huey

It's 4am. It's 4am! IT'S 4AM!!! Why am I still working. What was supposed to be a wrap party turned out to be some sort of 'Gathering' made up from the following ingredients - 8 men talking about men things (again), Scott and Laura retiring to bed at 1am, a bi-sexual horse lover wondering why he didn't win One Night With Laura, a Scottish star soap receiving too much attention from the tour manager, a website snooper unable to put his laptop down and a One Night With Laura winner falling asleep on the toilet for 2 hours. What happened to the big night out... did our pleas to the people of Glasgow to show us a good time really fall on deaf ears? We would have even settled for the karaoke at this late stage.

Fed up of staring at the back of my laptop Will and Roachy head of to bed leaving a One Night With Laura winner without any underpants, sleeping on the sofa in the bar. I retire to my room to try and make their video work - I've been at it all night and it's beginning to really bug me. I know the fix is easy but in this frame of mind I can hardly see the 'Off' button on my laptop let alone pick my way through html code. If I had the strength or the rock 'n' roll spirit I'd throw my laptop through the window... but I don't have either and elect to call my sick boss at an unreasonable hour to tell him I've had enough and he can fix it. He does. Within seconds. See, I told you it would be something simple...

That's it... My work here is done. Apart from a 7 hour train journey back to Manchester One Night With Laura is over for me. And what a pleasure it's been. I'm sure that sometime in the future I'll look back fondly at this week but for now I just need to be thinking about something else other than 'Laura' god bless her. Having worked for Radio 1 for 10 years, and in that time covered 5 Miamis, 9 Ibizas, 5 Big Weekends, Live8 and numerous other events starring the biggest stars in the world... this has been the best thing I've ever worked on. The OB team were amazing, the interactive content was at its best, and the on-air output hilarious and edited together so well you'd never have thought most of it was done on the back of a bus. But what I loved most about One Night With Laura was the simplicity of the idea. We do have big ideas at Radio 1 and do work with the biggest stars in the world... It's what we do and do very well. But it's so rewarding to see a producer like Emlyn and a team consisting of Scott, Chappers and of course the lovely Laura come up with a basic idea that can capture the imagination of British public in the way it has. There were no stars and no egos. I did wonder on day 1 when Scott made his own way to Southampton if he would ever sleep on the bus... he slept every night and loved it as much as one could love sleeping in a moving coffin with lots of smelly people. Hands up all Radio 1 DJs if you'd have done that. Very few takers I'd imagine.

Make sure you listen next week to all finalists battle it out for one Night With Laura with Scott in for Chris on the Breakfast Show.

Mr Right: "Your looks are so good theyd make a blind man go out of his mind."

Your chat up lines...

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