Judge Jules

Fri 23.00-01.00

Judge Jules - Tracklist - 27/3/2004

Magnolia - 'It's All In Vain '(White Label)
Jark Prongo - 'Bongo Squad '(White Label)
Dino Lenny - 'Change The World (Remix) '(White Label)
Dukes Sluca - 'Don't Stop '(White Label)
Pusha Three - 'Unknown '(White Label)
JDS - 'Purple Funky Monkeys'(White Label)

***Judge For Yourself***
Headstrong - 'Euporhia Sunset '(White Label)

Jonesey - 'Toxic '(White Label)
Scanty - 'So Do Eye '(White Label)
Tiesto Ft. BT - 'Love Comes Again '(White Label)
Fatkid - 'Southern Sun '(White Label)
Candee Jay - If I were you -(Michael woods remix) (Incentive)

***Judge Jules Tried and Tested***
Nickleson - 'Yin '(White Label)

Fragrance - 'Don't Break My Heart'(White Label)
Tradewind - 'Approach The End '(White Label)
Untidy Dubs/DJ Shinkawa - 'Funky Groove'(White Label)
Triple M - 'Sex '(White Label)
Jonno Grant and Mike Koglin - 'Circuit '(White Label)

***Gone But Not Forgotten***
Chocolate Puma - 'I Wanna Be U '(Cream)

Paradise - 'See The Light '(White Label)
Sundawner - 'Crystal Dreams '(White Label)
Airscape - 'Sosei (F and W Remix) '(White Label)
Earthforce Down - 'Atomic Outbreak '(White Label)
Ingo Efini DJ - 'Scare Tactics'(White Label)
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