Judge Jules

Fri 23.00-01.00

Judge Jules - Tracklist - 17/1/2004

Unknown - 'Faith Goes Running '(White Label)
Gipsy - 'Gipsy '(White Label)
Will Simms - 'Grey '(White Label)
Algeria - 'La Luna '(White Label)
Sucker DJs - 'Fat Lick '(White Label)
4th Avenue - 'Sexual Flavour '(White Label)
***Judge For Yourself***
Junior Jack Feat. Robert Smith - 'Da Hype'(Defected)
Unknown - 'Bolland Breaks '(DDB Records)
Joey Beltram - 'Player '(White Label)
Offanova - 'Stone Cold '(White Label)
Plummet - 'Cherish The Day '(White Label)
Vince Nysee - 'Feel You '(White Label)
***Tried and Tested***
GD - 'Meerjan '(White Label)
Narcotic Thrust - 'I Like It '(White Label)
Riva - 'Morning Dust '(White Label)
Benny Benassi - 'Love Is Going To Save It '(White Label)
Cor Finjeman - 'Hot Wired '(White Label)
DP - 'Infectious '(White Label)
***Gone But Not Forgotten***
Thrillseekers - 'Synaesthesia'(Neo)
Rikki de Clerck - 'Sunrise '(White Label)
Push - 'Unknown '(White Label)
Cern - 'Galaxia '(White Label)
Nu NRG - 'Connective EP '(White Label)
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