Judge Jules

Fri 23.00-01.00

Judge Jules - Tracklist - 8/6/2002

Cosmos - 'Take Me With U' (Polydor)
Lenher and Biebiel - 'Sunshine' (Nebula)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White Label)
Robbie Rivera vs FSG II - 'Funkatron' (Direction)
Fergie - 'Bass Generator (Robbie Rivera Mix)' (Duty Free)
Atlantic Ocean - 'Waterfall (Woody Van Eyeden Mix)' (White Label)
The Clergy - 'Oboe Song (Green Martian Mix)' (Double F Double R))
Snap vs. Plaything - 'See The Light (Steve Morano Mix)' (White Label)
Raven Maize - 'Fascinated' (Z Records / Rulin)
Frank Biazzi - 'Turbulance' (Lupp)
M Woods - 'Unknown' (White Label)
Jurgen Vries - 'The Theme' (White Label)
***Judge Jules Tried and Tested***
Joy Kitikonti - 'Joy Don't Stop (Freaky Mix)' (BXR Claxxix)
Marco Baily - 'Caprioska' (White Label)
Jones and Stephenson - 'The First Rebirth' (Bonzai)
Danilo Vigorito - 'Imaginary Boy EP' (Zenit)
Boca - 'Play With Me' (Drop Out)
Jam X and De Leon - 'Can You Dig It' (Serious)
***Judge It Yourself***
Flesh and Bones - 'I Love You' (White Label)
Hell Fire - 'Unknown' (White Label)
Fargo - 'Can't Control (Shimono Remix)' (Club Traxx)
Syntone - 'Can't Believe' (Silcon)
Ocean Force - 'Energy Flash' (Elevation Records)
Speedy J - 'Bugmod' (Novamute)
Marc Aurel - 'Running (Dumonde Remix)' (Neo)
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