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Pay tribute to John.

Please note: The BBC will put up as many of your comments as possible but we cannot guarantee that all comments will be published. The BBC reserves the right to edit comments that are published.

"I spent a good portion of my teens staying up way later than I was allowed to listen to John Peel. I'll miss those stolen late nights listening to his voice chatting happily about his latest favourite band. For now, I'm just content listening to Teenage kicks on repeat and thinking about everything he did right. :)"

"John was always reknowned for his open mindedness to music & was always listening to new bands demo tapes etc sent to him. I don't think people realise how much music has changed because of John. A lot of music we listen too may not have made it. He was playing & pushing music such as hip hop, techno, & of course the usual thrash metal & going back to my day punk etc long before they were recognised, a lot of which have changed the face of music. In fact a lot may not have been recognised at all if not for John. Music today would be considerably different I am sure. I as most was not lucky enough to know him, however it still feels as though an old friend has gone. Just my thoughts........... good night mate......"

"Truly saddened by this, to young to remember most of his work but have heard enough to know that music has lost a true legend,a man that both me and my parents can listen to enjoy - he bridged generations, Rest in Peace"

Jason Barry
"Its always sad when you lose someone who adds so much pleasure to your life. I never met the guy but he has been with me all my life through the power of radio. Thanks John for everything and I hope to meet you some other place one day to thank you personally."

Durham Cardiff
"John, for all the many, many breathtaking, beautiful and simply life-changing moments you gave me,thank you, thank you, thank you. An official State Funeral and National Day of Mourning are the very least you deserve."

"I cannot think of another person who was liked and respected so much by all age groups. Like so many I feel as though I've lost a mate although I never met him. At least we will always have his music. See ya John!"

Dave Steed
"Wow! A shock to me at the moment. John has given joy, hope and inspired so many. A beautiful person. This place may not be quite as complete, the legacy will live on. Thank you so much, John."

"Stars may fade but legends never die. You will always be the legend of Radio 1, Thank you for the laughter and for not caring if music ws played at the correct speed!! You will be sorely missed and my thoughts are with Sheila and your family. Rest in peace the greatest DJ to ever live xx"

Colin Smith
"John was a the voice of my youth, when I heard him I felt 16 again. His passing has now taken that memory from me you will be missed John by many in their 40's and I forgive you for not playing my demo. RIP"

Kieran Mc Daid
"His name will echo through Derry City, his voice will echo through the derry air and will be remembered my every music lover.God bless John."

"I can't believe my greatest hero is dead at just 65. I feel for his family and will forever be in John's debt for inspiring my music tastes and bestriding the airwaves like the colossus he always was. I've never felt this way about anyone else I've never met. His legacy is people like me who have never forgotten how important a part he played in our lives..."

"The utmost respect to Mr Peel and his family. What a rarity in these commercial days, a DJ of influence who played anything and everything, the overriding factor being that he liked it. I respected him so as I didn't agree with all that he played, but you could tune in knowing that you could hear something unexpected, different, just open your mind to new sounds. A sad loss, but a great man."

Dave Clarkson
"You'll be sadly missed. Thanks for countless hours of quality broadcasting and introducing me to such much great music. Also indebted to you for giving our music a break."

Lee Webster
"I seem to be leaving messages about Johns death all over the place. I'm generally shocked about the death of such a great bloke.It seems strange to say that about someone I did'nt even know.He just gave me that impression and not many do.RIP"

"After a huge initial shock, I can't really sum up the feelings I have reguarding the departure of dear Uncle Peely from this mortal coil into a neat little paragraph. I'll have a go anyway. It's been said that everybody reguarded Mr. Ravenscroft as a good friend simply from hearing his unmistakeable voice on the radio every week. I can only begin to imagine how those that truly knew him have been affected by this loss. It's a slightly somber note to end this little tract with - when I'm sure John would encourage us all to go and listen to some good music and be happy as a result - but music radio will now seem strangely barren. Thanks for everything, John (and all your various associates)you've given us all more than you could ever know."

Anna Ellison
"I'll be playing Teenage Kicks very loud tonight in memory of a genuine music fan and one of the most important influences on the development of new music over the past several decades, in memory of a lovely, lovely man and in memory of a voice that has meant a lot to me personally over the three decades I've been listening to it. I can't believe he's gone."

Steve Sorrell
"I feel like I,ve lost a good mate I,m 49 and I,ve listened to his broadcasts for 35 years, he shaped my musical tastes as well as my 20 year old sons. God bless you John,"

"Driving at night, in the middle of nowhere .... fumbling with radio dials in a dodgy clapped-out hatchback ... through the wind, the rain, and the winter ... came the mellow voice of Mr. John Peel ... and every time, I felt like I was home. Goodnight John. Thanks for being there and thanks for guiding me through. x"

"thank god for marconi. without him we wouldn't have been able to share our little bit of peel's love of life and music. legend."

Phil B.
"A true gentleman, a man of the people and of the peoples music - no one can fill his place. Slainte Mhath John."

Michael Fryer
"Not even a billion words of tribute could sum up what John Peel means to music and to those he shared his love for it with."

"A rarity in our times a man who really cared about music rather than the industry. A joy to listen to, even making the mundane seem interesting."

Paul Newland
"I all I think is God need a helping hand with his music collection... God bless John you will be missed by true music fans. RIP"

"Sad news for sure. I remember being just a kid, in my room checkin out Johns show and going to school being word up on all this new music. John is my musical ambassador. Thanks for the last 15 mate."

gavin (san francisco via wirral)
"Not enough words can express."

Dunstan Bentley
"There is a light that never goes out. RIP John. Thank you for letting me find my taste in music for myself."

Jack Carr
"Shock, sadness, loss and an overwhelming sense of respect. Thankyou John. It would be so easy in this age of sucessfull bad music to try and cherish the good stuff for yourself, but then there was John Peel. A true paragon of what music means to us all deep down. I guess we're all having to try and learn to use our own ears a little bit better now that john's guidance can never be passed again. You are already sorely missed John, thankyou again and rest in peace. I doubt those long nights will ever be quite the same again. Deepest condolances to Sheila, the family and all those that were touched by his warmth. You were a friend even to those you never met and will be remembered as such."

chris bunny
"a sad loss to the broadcasting world. I always look out for bands' peel sessions at record fairs, and will now do so with a touch of sadness. I only hope that when I reach 65, my kids are telling me to turn down teenage kicks!"

Jennifer B
"I don't think I've ever felt such a loss about somebody famous. John was my inspiration to start a career in radio and it is devastating to think that all of his musical passion and devotion is now gone. He is irreplacable and every time I heard "Teenage Kicks" yesterday I felt sick. People don't realise how much John contributed to the music industry. This is indeed the day the music died. Rest in peace, John."

Richard Harris
"What a Great Man! Im only very young, 13 to be exact, but people would not of thought maybe I would of listened to him. I listened to his shows on the radio player, and the music he played really made me want to come back for more! He was obviously very in to what he did, and I'm sure his legacy would continue, spinning discs in Heaven. RIP"

"Just adding my love and respect to a lovely man who would have been horrified to know how intimidated i was by him. His love of new music and the life it gave him was never taken for granted by either John or the people who shared in it. More than anything, I feel privileged to have briefly met and worked alongside such a passionate and funny man."

Marc from Holland
"What a shocking news! I started to listen to his shows from 1977, AM-radio, noise and rumble quality nevertheless. Just since 2 weeks i discovered BBC 1 radio player on internet. What a tragic reunion. John R.I.P."

Carol and Peter
"You touched our lives at every stage and enriched them with every comment,We will miss you,God bless"

"As an Orbital fan I have nothing but massive love for the great man. I had the honour of meeting Sir John (of) Peel at the final ever Orbital concert held at Maida Vale almost exactly 3 months ago - the best night of my life and their best ever show! Thank you. His 'Sessions' was the first time I heard Orbital play and my life changed from that moment. Thank you for pushing the best music on Radio 1. Where else could you go to hear dirty acid techno late on a Wednesday evening? You will live on in our hearts forever. And the man WILL be so utterly missed at Glasto next year. YES - rename the Second Stage the John Peel Stage for all of us. Goodbye you grumpy old man!"

"It feels like losing someone that you just assumed would be there forever. I've loved listening to him for - my goodness - decades. His voice and the music he played has had so many personal memories attached to them over that time. Great man. Great loss."

"Totally gutted, legendary bloke. Late night music'll never be the same again. God Bless"

"I used to bump into John at Gigs in Cambridge he was always a lovely individual, always up for a chat. he was blessed with a burning passion for music the like of which i do not think we will ever see again."

"If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be listening to half the music I listen to today. You have inspired me to be open minded with music. You will be truly missed."

sean.h aka cyrus
"im totally gutted!!!! he is, was and always will be an inspiration to all in music, i remeber when he played our demo last year and gave it a thumbs up. since then he has been the inspiration for everyone i know in music. he will be sadly and dearly missed. mine and my bands thoughts are with johns family and the memory of the legend himself."

"On many occasions my girlfriend and I spoke about how if we could adopt one person into our family it'd be John Peel, but in a sense he was already there. And like a family member, his loss is personal, irreplaceable and tragic. Personal because of the connection he had between himself and his audience, irreplaceable because he was unique and tragic because it's way too early to be writing in the past tense about him. John will live on through millions of record collections. I send my deepest sympathy to his family. It's a hole that can't be filled. Gutted."

"What terrible news. I grew up listening to John Peel in Dublin on crackling medium wave. I loved the music he played and he gave me many a happy moment, not least with the patter in between tracks, the cock ups trying to put records on, and records played at the wron speed. A true legend who will be sorely missed. RIP"

"terrible news. was the best radio dj in the world. :( From rock to punk to techno. His diversity will be greatly missed..."

"John always seemed to hit the nail on the head for me on the radio. Consumte cool without trying."

"John Peel - the voice of my youth! Thought he would always be here. Johns voice epitamises the challenge of youth and will be missed - the next generation of young people who listen to radio one will be poorer without him."

"The most important man in the history of british popular music bar none,R.I.P Legend."

"God bless you john! you were a legend and u will be sadly missed i was gonna listen to you tonight! :("

"I was shocked and saddened to hear of John Peels death.I've grown up with him and will miss his amazing musical taste,knowledge and interest.His shows made you feel as though he was talking just to you.God bless."

Paulo Pato
"John, Obrigado! Paulo Pato"

"Being 18 I haven't had many years of having the pleasure of hearing and learning from Johns massive music love and knowledge. I first discovered the great guy when I started having to stay up late to get homework done and although I would never have thought it I loved the mix of music he played. I loved his attitude of playing stuff he knew peopple would like but also stuff he HOPED they would like. Such a sad loss to the music world, I'll miss his distinctive tones helping me through many a sleepless night in the future. God bless you John you changed my life forever in such a positive way, In my thoughts forever xxx"

Chris James
"John, have a nice trip,... and enjoy the music up there! I look forward to hearing your radio programs when I get up there."

"I'm in Spain, and no-one here where I work knows anything about John Peel or just how important and wonderful he was; the broadcasts this week and the tributes here have been especially important for keeping me connected. Like so many others, I have never been so saddened by the death of someone I didn't know. I listened to the shows throughout the eighties, and become a regular again in recent years via the internet. The shows were as fresh as ever, and like Thom Yorke said, he had that ability to challenge your prejudices about music styles you thought you didn't like. Many people have talked about the hole his passing leaves, and there's no arguing with that. But I think the response this week also shows us how much we have to celebrate. He's gone too much too soon, but he leaves such an amazing legacy. The range of music that's available on UK radio today just wouldn't be there if not for him, and the man was a great example of how to live life. We are so lucky that he was with us. Big love to his family, his friends and colleagues, and all of us who just listened and were changed."

Nydia, Paris
"I have already tried to leave a message but it hasn't seemed to get through and I do so want to say a few words for John. As for many many others John Peel shaped my life, GAVE me music. I was a verf confused and scared teenager growing up in the north of England and he connected me with the music he played and his own voice and words to the world. He shaped me by giving me chance to hear and to love music. I am still in shock and my thoughts go out to his family and friends. When my friend called me to tell me the news from England I sobbed like a child I was so desperately sad. Then I opened all the windows put on teenage kicks VERY LOUD and sany and jumped about and cried. I just wanted that explosive feeling that this man intoduced to me, that feeling when you hear some fantastic record for the first time. He is irreplacable. Thank you John Peel."

James Shorrocks
"I found my self standing next to John Peel to watch Radiohead's legendary Glastonbury '97 performance. Being a great admirer of his I considered raising a conversation, but in the end decided that this must happen to him all the time and maybe he would be happiest left to enjoy the show with his family. Like most people, it never crossed my mind that he wouldn't always be here and now I see it was an opportunity that I can never have again. I can barely remember the gig itself, as John always said of the legendary gigs he'd attended, but I do remember standing next to a legend. A great loss."

"I sat at my desk and cried as I read these tributes for a man I never met but whose influence on me during my youth was immense as I listened to punk music at night my parents didn't want me to hear. Thank you John you will be sorely missed."

Evelyn Magee
"I am too old to have been a regular listener to John's music programmes but I did hear them because my children were such fans so I was aware of how popular he was. So for the first time last night I listened to his Radio 1 programme which was a tribute by his fellow DJs. It was so good to share all the memories of his young and not so young fans. It was so wonderful to hear how much he meant to them all and hear their stories and learn that they had discovered his magic. It was typical of John that he had no hang ups about crossing over to Radio 4 to host Home Truths. He made this programme his own, no one could have done it better. I became a devoted fan, and all the qualities loved by his music fans came through on this regular Saturday morning programme. I am 75 but like them I cried, am depressed, sad, unhappy, feel that I have lost someone very dear, and will always remember him. His charming, funny, sympathetic witty Home Truths was as much appreciated by people like me as his music was by the younger fans."

Joe Freeman
"I've been on this earth long enough to hear the news of the death of many public figures but have never before felt the urge to write something like this. Often death comes at a time when careers are effectively over and one can still enjoy the deceased records, films or whatever. This sadly doesn't apply to John. He was still at the top of his form and whilst there is no doubt as to the influence he has left behind his work was of an ephemeral nature; we won't be listening to old Peel programmes in twenty years time in the same way that we can still enjoy the Goons or Hancock's Half Hour.... These few lines are no sort of fit tribute to him, it'd take a much better writer than I to pen such a thing. I've never previously been so effected by the death of somebody I never even met. I can put it no better than "But something touched me deep inside the day the music died." - Joe Freeman, Sheffield."

Ray Turner
"A thousand nights with head buried beneath the sheets, listening to early punk and dub reggae tracks on a tinny transistor...the unforgettable Festive 50...happy days.Thanks John, you will always be the best. God Bless."

Richard Rose
"One of the few people I ever wanted to meet and shake his hand! A Great Person!"

Amy H
"Glastonbury without John will be like Glastonbury without Falafels. Good radio music has lost it's Master. RIP X"

Hannah Q
"Wed 27th.I can't believe it, I switched on the radio and heard Jo Whiley and logged onto the bbc website cos I hadnt heard and I couldnt work out what she was on about. AAAAgggghh. It's so wrong.This man was like the father I always wanted. He steered me through all of my angst/tormented youth (like so many others) and I have so many taped recordings of his show. I would sit on my bed in my room and listen with my headphones on, (Joy Division/ Undertones/Alien Sex Fiend!!!)so my mum and dad wouldnt make me turn the radio off. I felt he was speaking to me and of course he wasn't !! He spoke to so many. But you really felt like he was your friend and he loved music just like you did. It's such a loss. Thank god I didnt throw those tapes out when I had a clear out last week. They are my youth and a testament to his memory. He will be missed.I'm sad for his family."

Dirk Hayes
"Truly a musical visionary, we shall not see his like again."

"Just a great bloke with a terrific taste and passion for music.If only we could all love what we do as much as he did. Respect due to a british legend."

Stuart Tod - Caithness
"Tears welled up when I heard. So much done by this man to so many. He will never be replaced. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends. He introduced my to Ivor Cutler, Sir Henry at rawlinson end amongst so many others. Does anyone remember the Saturday afternoon shows with Fluff where Peely & Walters did a hilarious double act (went on for months that and had me and the boss in tears). Music will never be the same on radio. No one will match him. Start a fund and build a memorial!"

"Legend. All bands playing this week should dedicate a minute of noise to the great man."

Jo Lewis
"Why did something so perfect have to end. Its so sad that he has died so young. When you think of him and his career it reflects music that has made a diffrence. He will be truly missed by everyone. Sweet Dreams John. x x x"

Barbara Johnson
"I will miss his distinctive voice on the radio. I loved his program 'Home Truths' and looked forward to listening to it and the weekend. He seemed so down to earth adn genuine. His love for his family and especially his wife, shone through. What a lovely man........... sadly missed."

"Saturday morning breakfast in the kitchen will never be the same.Rock on! Phil."

"We all grew up with him.. Joy Division, The Smiths, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses... Thank You xx"

Josh McInnes (JAKAZiD)
"I could say so much, but I'm just going to keep it short and say thanks for so many brilliant shows over the years."

"I adored you're Home Truths and I will miss you're gentle introduction to my Saturday mornings X"

"No words will do justice to him, what a very sad loss."

sonia bartlett
"What a sad day, like so many others I never had the pleasure of meeting John, but being a 36 year old I feel like I have lost a favourite uncle, I spent many evenings listening to him. The music industry has lost probably the most influential person ever. My thoughts are with his family, he touched more peoples lives then any one else I can think of. Liverpool won for you last night John, I hope they name a stage at Glastonbury after him, I just found out thry have. Well done Micheal. R I P John, heavens gain is our loss."

"John had the unique gift of being able to introduce the world to new music in a professional way, but also to make every listener feel that they had a special relationship with him. He also sounded great! Always down to earth, amusing and never a celebrity. Like many, I never met him but still feel that I have lost a personal friend. So long Peely."

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