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Jarvis Cocker (Pulp)

"I'd heard all about something called punk rock but my local radio station refused to play it. One night I started twisting the dial, hoping that something would happen, and then… it did. I caught the end of an Elvis Costello track followed by a low, droning voice that I would come to know very well, introducing me to a whole new world. That's where for me, and countless others, it all began."

John 'Drumbo' French (Captain Beefheart's Magic Band)

"When we came to London he was very hospitable. He brought a big bag of cereal to our hotel and told us we should eat it every day to stay healthy. He came with us to the venue and we had trouble getting through the crowds and asked him what the big event was? He said, 'They're here to see you.' We didn't even realise that he had made us a big name in the UK from his pirate radio station."

PJ Harvey

"Throughout my time of knowing him we kept in touch and sent postcards. Whenever I demo'd a new record I'd send it to him. I always wanted to know his opinion on things because I think he had really great taste."

John Peel on his friendship with Marc Bolan

"People would phone me up from places like Exeter and say we'd like you to come down and do a disco. I'd say I'll only do it if I can bring Tyrannosaurus Rex with me and they'd say, 'What's that?' and I'd explain as best I could. We'd hire a car and set off and turn up and do the gig. By and large they wouldn't go down terrifically well. And then we'd have to drive back to London because we couldn't afford to stay anywhere."

Robert Smith (The Cure)

"From '78 though to 1981 he was just around, a very caring, paternal figure. He was genuinely concerned about all the bands that had done sessions on his show. You felt like he kind of felt responsible, it was really sweet."

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