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John Peel Tracklistings: 6/5/2004

DJ. C (feat. Shineland) - 'Billy Jungle (12")' (Mashit)
McLusky - '1956 and All That (LP- The Difference Between Me And You Is That I'm Not on Fire)' (Too Pure)
Morrissey - 'The World if Full of Crashing Bores (LP- Morrissey, You Are The Quarry)' (Attack)
Electrelane - 'More Than This' (Peel Session)
Mumps - 'Mechanism Q (EP- Mechanisms Q - S)' (Tortured)
The Decemberists - 'Oceanside (EP- 5 Songs)' (Hush)
Dawn of the Replicants - 'Everyone in Heaven is Afraid of Heights (EP- Everyone in Heaven is Afraid of Heights)' (Hungry Dog)
Unknown - 'Taurus (12")' (Formation)
Kit - 'Untitled (EP- Kit/Deerhoof)' (Narnack)
Electrelane - 'Untitled' (Peel Session)
Geraldo & The Sway Hotel Orch. - 'It's Foolish But It's Fun (78)' (Parlophone)
Magic Black Men - 'Can 202 (LP- More Great Moments of Vinyl History)' (Wrasse)
Eastwood - 'Regime (12")' (Black Majik)
Les Hommes Sauvages - 'Autobahn (LP- Playtime)' (White Label)
DJ Frisk & Hujib - 'Party Crashe (12")' (Next Generation)
Electrelane - 'This Deed' (Peel Session)
Melys - 'I Can't Stop This - Even if I Wanted to - (EP- Eyeliner)' (Sylem)
Phillip Roebuck - 'Milk Rag (LP- Phillip Roebuck)' (Socialist)
Digital Mystikz - 'Adultz Only (CDR)' (White Label)
Jazzfinger - 'I Am in Blood (LP- The Music of What Happens)' (White Label)
The Container Drivers - 'The Ex- Members of the Fall Club (LP- Perverted By Mark E)' (ZickZack)
Electrelane - 'Oh! Sombra' (Peel Session)
Technical Itch vs Kemal - 'The Calling VIP (12")' (Moving Shadow)
Marble Sheep - 'Fla Fla Heaven (LP- For Demolition of a Spiritual Framework)' (FunfUndVierzig)

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