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John Peel Tracklistings: 27/4/2004

Of Death - 'Pin The Toe Tag On The Corpse (LP - Build A Bridge And Get Over It)' (Alone)
Kevin Energy - 'Forward To The Past (12")' (Nu Energy)
Calvin Party - 'Northern Song (LP - Never As Black)' (Probe Plus)
Trencher - 'Illuminated Dead (5")' (Action Index)
Bardo Pond - 'Destroying Angel ' (Peel Session)
Jeff Mills - 'Expanded (12")' (Axis)
PJ Harvey - 'The Letter (single)' (Island)
Jeffrey Lewis - 'The Story Of The Fall (LP A Tribute Of The Fall Perverted)' (Zick Zack)
Dr Samual J Hoffman - 'Tzigane (LP - Wavers Of The Ether)' (Rev Ola)
Makating Rhythm Force - 'Eternal Dub (7")' (Shemesh)
Wolves (Of Greece) - 'I, Linedancer (LP - Wolves! (Of Greece)' (Gringo)
Umoya - 'Skwatta Kamp (Mzsani Music)' (Trikont)
Various Columbia Artists - 'For Your Entertainment (Pig's Big 78)' (Columbia Records)
20 Miles - 'All My Brothers, Sisters Too (Book ' (Fat Possum)
Bardo Pond - 'The Word' (Peel Session)
Bongo Herman - 'Dr. Who (7")' (Explosion)
Bullet Union - 'Stay Indie, Don't Be A Hater (7")' (Jealous)
UFO - 'Anew Year's Day (12")' (Raverbaby)
Richard and Linda Thompson - 'Withered and Died ' (Island)
The Coachwhips - 'HC She (7")' (Show )
Mark One - 'Interference (Lp - Grime)' (Rephlex)
The Mark Four - 'Hurt Me If You Will (7")' (Decca)
A-Sides - 'Unity (12")' (Eastside)
Ravager - 'Hades Rises (LP Naxgul Rising)' (Osmose Productions)
Bardo Pond - 'Isle' (Peel Session)
DJ Bone - 'Alien Speak (EP - Physics 12")' (Subject Detroit)

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