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John Peel Tracklistings: 13/04/2004

The Little Killers - "You Got it Made" (7") (Sweet Nothing)
DJ Friction & Nu Balance - "Robocop" (12") (True Playaz)
Landed - "They were eating caca" (LP - 'Old Tyme Lemonade') (Hospital Productions)
Decoration - "Joy Adamson" (Peel Session)
Jason Forrest - "180 Mar Ton" (LP - 'The Unrelenting Songs..') (Sonig)
Bloc Party - "The Marshalls are Dead" (LP - 'Duct Tape Rainbow') (Dim Mak)
Plasticman - "Death By Stereo" (LP - 'Rephlex Presents: Grime') (Rephlex)
Tracer AMC - "The Understudy" (LP - 'Flux & Form') (We Love)
Tinariwen - "Oualahila Ar Tesninam" (LP- 'Amassakoul') (Independent)
Decoration - "86 TV's" (Peel Session)
The Krunchies - "Mutant Botox Master Race" (EP - 'Interrobang') (Criminal IQ)
Storm & Euphony - "The Red Pill" (12") (Warped Science)
Ignition Technician - 'Hello Tokyo (12")' (Potential)
Trencher - 'Leaches (LP - 'When Dracula Thinks "Look at Me"')' (Trencher)
Unknown - 'Moon Moods (LP - 'Waves in The Ether: The Magical World of Thermin')' (Rev-Ola)
Decoration - 'Pink' (Peel Session)
Sound Murderer and SK1 - 'Bad Sound (LP - 'Sound Murderer and SK1')' (Rewind)
Kode9 and Daddi Gee - 'Sign of the Dub (10")' (Hyperdub)
EZ-T - 'Downs Pain (LP - 'Goodbye Little Doll')' (Monitor)
Facs and UCA - 'Paperclip (12")' (Biotic)
Sluts of Trust - 'Leave you Wanting More (7")' (Chemikal Underground)
Burner Bros - 'Global Killer (12")' (Magic Vinyl)
Decoration - 'Oversight' (Peel Session)
The Upsetters - 'Black Panta (LP - 'Blackboard Jungle')' (Auralux)
Your Codename is Mylo - 'All Roads to Fault' (Unknown)
Frank Sinatra - 'September Song' (Pig's Big 78)
New Order - 'Atmosphere (LP - 'New Order in Session')' (Strange Fruit)

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