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John Peel Tracklistings: 16/3/2004

22-20's - 'Why don't you do it for me (CDR) ' (Heavenly)
Silvah Bullet - 'Se7en (10")' (Control Tower)
The Broken Family band - 'Happy Days are here Again' (Peel Session)
Persil - 'Traces of Knots (LP - 'Doutone')' (transformed Dreams)
Pale - 'More Funk than you can shake a stick at (EP - 'Mashcore Milisha')' (Aural)
The White Stripes - 'I Fought Pirana's/Let's build a Home (7")' (XL)
Langhorn Slim - 'Lorreta Lee Jones (EP - 'The Electric Love Letter')' (Narnack)
Magazine - 'A Song From Under the Floorboards (LP - 'After the Fact')' (Virgin)
Baron - 'The Way it Was (12")' (Virus)
The Broken Family Band - 'I Send My Love to You' (Peel Session)
Kimya Dawson - 'Hadlock Padlock (LP - 'My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess')' (Important)
Leslie Sirony - 'The Sexton Tolled the Bell' (Eclipse (Pig's Big 78))
Stacy - 'Bionic Perversion (12")' (Rag )
Of Death - 'Concrete Socks Build Underwater Castles (LP - 'Build A Bridge and Get Over it')' (Alone)
Stuffy and The Fuses - 'Where's the Captain (LP - 'Join Me or Die')' (Wrath)
Jack Norton - 'Coal Brown World (LP - 'Sorrow is A Pitchfork')' (White Label)
Ascii Disko - 'Jack You're Body to the Beat' (LP - 'Ne Travaillez Jamais')' (L'Age D'or)
The Broken Family Band - 'O Princess' (Peel Session)
Sludgefeast - 'Sega Model 2 (LP - 'King of The Arcade')' (Must...Destroy)
Dinosaur - 'Sludgefeast (LP - 'You're Living all Over Me')' (SST)
Concord Dawn - 'Let it Go (LP - 'Uprising')' (Uprising)
XBXRX - '2 (EP - '4 Songs')' (Narnack)
Sex in Dallas - 'Everybody Deserves to be Fucked (EP - 'Every Deserves to by Fucked')' (Kitty Yo)
Slim Harpo - 'Rainin' in My Heart (LP - 'The Excello Singles Anthology')' (Hip-O)
The Broken Family Band - 'We Already said Goobbye' (Peel session)
Cursor Minor - 'War Machine (LP - '...Plays God')' (Lo)
Revenge - 'Novice Kick (LP - 'Welcome to the Party')' (Narnack)
Red Rat - 'Mr. Wilson (7")' (Drop Di Bass)

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