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John Peel Tracklistings: 28/1/2004

Moneyshot - 'I Love You' (12") (Chancer)
Jack White - 'Never Far Away' (LP - 'Cold Mountain') (Columbia)
The Black Keys - 'Thickfreakness' (Split CD with Six Parts Seven) (Suicide Squeeze)
Electrelane - 'Oh Sombre' (Peel Session)
JS Ten - 'Changes' (12') (Blueprint Audio)
Tasheyana Compost - 'Heliotropic Dream' (LP - 'Tasheyana Compost') (Load)
Funkadelic - 'You Can't Miss…' (LP - 'Westbound Funk') (BGP)
Chica & The Folder - 'Tibetteppich' (LP - '42 Madchen') (Monika)
Defenestration - 'Blood Song' (LP - 'Ray Zero') (Dream Catcher)
The Predator - 'Mad Kylie' (7') (White Label)
Electrelane - 'More Than This' (Peel Session)
Lee UHF - 'Let's Fight' (12') (Bedlam)
The BBC Dance Orchestra - 'I Breathe On Windows' (Columbia) (Pig's Big 78)
Mighty Sam - 'When She Touches Me' (LP - 'Kent's Cellar of Soul') (Kent)
Nebula - 'More' (LP - 'Atomic Ritual') (Sweet Nothing)
Voks - 'Kaks' (EP - 'Vaks Vanskab Ak') (Dekorder)
Jawbone - 'What's Goin' On?' (LP - 'Dang Blues') (White Label)
Electrelane - 'Untitled' (Peel Session)
Resonant Evil - 'Troubleshoot' (12') (Renegade Hardware)
Mr Airplane Man - 'Red Light' (LP - 'C' Mon DJ') (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
Cousin Silas - 'Olympus Mons' (LP - 'Portraits & Peelings') (Toddler)
Mavis - 'Matches & Fire' (LP - 'Mavis Vs The Mendonca') (Toddler)
James Cotton - 'Buck!' (12') (Spectral)
Electrelane - 'This Deed' (Peel Session)
Music Am - 'Cluster' (LP - 'A Heart & Two Stars') (Quatermass)
Cluster - 'Plas' (LP - 'Cluster 2') (Brain)
Embalming Theatre - 'We Ate Daddy' (LP - 'Sweet Chainsaw Melodies') (Razorback)
AGF - 'Private Birds' (LP - 'Westernization Completed') (Orthlorng Musork')

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