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John Peel Tracklistings: 22/01/2004

Melys - 'Eyeliner' (CDR Single)
Beenie Man - 'Don't Hate the Game (7")' (South Block)
Aloud - 'Bob O' Lean (12")' (Open)
Camera Obscura - 'Love my Jean' (Live At Peel Acres)
Hassle Hound - '1000 Opposable Thumbs' (LP - 'Scaring The Grass In The Garden) (Pickled Egg)
The Fall - 'Lie Dream of a Casino Soul' (LP - 'Hip Priest And Kamerads) (Situation Two)
Old Bombs - 'Audia 1' (LP - Audios) (Soft Abuse)
Volunteers - 'Right Track' (LP - 'Doesn't Make you Hard) (Hardcore Hobbies)
Camera Obscura - 'O' That I Were Where Helen Lies' (Live At Peel Acres)
Speedy J/ literon - 'Knicker' (12") (Novamute)
Love is All - 'Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up' (7") (Whats Your Rupture)
Impaled - 'Deranged' (LP - 'Dementia Rex) (Razorback)
Gregory Isaacs - 'Storm' (7") (Penthouse)
Muggsy Spanier & His Ragtime Band - 'I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate' (Pigs Big 78) (His Master's Voice)
Camera Obscura - 'A Fond Kiss' (Peel Session)
Portia & Simba with The Hododza Band - 'Ko Chii Chanetsa' (LP - 'Chiatemura Chave Kuseva') (NA)
Animal Planet - 'Action Station' (CDR Demo) (White Label)
Nebula - 'Carpe Diem' (LP - Atomic Ritual) (Sweet Nothing)
Monolake - 'Cern' (12") (Imbalance)
Camera Obscura - 'Red Red Rose' (Live At Peel Acres)
Utabi - 'Crackback Cheese' (LP - 'Mancurian Candy) (Adaadat)
Clinic - 'Monkey on Your Back' (7") (Alladin's Cave of Golf)
Capleton - 'Coke a nuh fi mi' (7") (Above The Level)
Country Joe & The Fish - 'Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine' (LP - Electric Music The Mind & Body) (Vanguard)
Empress - 'For Trains' (LP - 'The Sounds They Made) (Pehr)
Camrera Obscura - 'Unknown' (Peel Session)
Tobbogan - 'In A Ray of Light' (LP - '2004 Sampler') (Gentlemen Records)
The Micronauts - 'High Rise' (EP - 'Anarchie')

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