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John Peel Tracklistings: 2/12/2003

Soundmurderer - 'Call Da Police (LP- Soundmurderer ' (Rewind)
Lil' Pocket Knife - 'East Coast, West Coast (EP- Untitled)' (Narnack)
Aaron Liberator - 'Chocolat Disco (EP- Man Bites Belgium)' (WahWahWah)
Shesus - 'Geddit' (Peel Session)
Corrigan - 'Hope (CD Single)' (Bright Star)
Rev T.T. Rose - 'Goodbye, Babylon (LP- Goodbye, Babylon)' (Dust To Digital)
Dave Clarke - 'Just Ride (LP- Devil's Advocate)' (Skint)
Melrose - 'Coming Out Soon (7")' (Electric Kid)
Pathogen - 'IQTV (LP- Ballroom Blitz)' (DeathSucker)
Storey Sisters - 'Freight Train Boogie (LP- Everybody's Tuned To The Radio)' (Center For Public History)
The Aphrodisiacs - 'If You Want Me (CDR)' (White Label)
Shesus - 'Weapon of Love Destruction' (Peel Session)
Tiny Watkins - 'A Soldier's Sad Story (LP- A Soldier's Sad Story)' (Kent)
Otaku No Denki - 'Cave Prayer (LP- The Future Played Backwards)' (Viper)
Steve Bug - 'Electric Blue (LP- The Other Day)' (Poker Flat)
Phil Garden - 'Arkanjaw Traveler (78)' (Parlophone)
Volunteers - 'Natural Flow (LP- Doesn't Make You Punk)' (Hardcore Hobbies)
Twerk - 'Motala (LP- Living Vicariously Through Burnt Bread)' (Mille Plateaux)
Shesus - 'Black Cloud' (Peel Session)
DJ SS - 'Player Haters (12")' (Reformed)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - 'From A Summer To Another Summer (LP- Blues Du Jour)' (Geographic)
Frankie Miller's Full House - 'I'm Old Enough (7")' (Chrysalis)
Klein - 'Dirty Talk (LP- Sucks!)' (A Touch of Class)
The Secret Hairdresser - 'Distant Pause (LP- Top Ten Conditioning Lips)' (White Label)
The Telescopes - 'All A Dreams (LP- Feedback to the Future)' (Mobile)
Vernon Garrett - 'If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time (LP- I Made My Own World)' (Kent)
Shesus - 'Space Truckin'' (Peel Session)
Deep Purple - 'Space Truckin' (LP- Machine Head)' (Purple)
Martyn Hare - 'Track 1 (12")' (Emetic)

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