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John Peel Tracklistings: 20/11/2003

Hella - 'Magixburg (LP - Total Bunny On Wild Bass'' (Narnack)
F.Y.A - 'Boops 12"' (Defjam)

Naked Casino - 'Patter Of Feet 7"' (Static Caravan)
Naked Casino - 'Patter Of Feet 7"' (Static Caravan)
Mr. Airplane Man - 'Shakin' Around (EP - Shakin' Around)' (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Purpose Maker (Jeff Mills) - 'The Bells (EP - Kat Moda)' (Purpose Maker)
Jah Mason - 'No Joke 7"' (Jah Warrior)
Charlie McAlister - 'Fake Fire Alarm (LP - Death Water Estates)' (C Plate)
John Fahey - 'Hard Time Empty Bottle Blues 1 (Ep - Hard Time Empty Bottle Blues 1-4)' (Table Of The Elements)
Jimmy Holiday - 'I'm Gonna Help Hurry My Brothers Home (LP - A Soldier's Sad Story)' (Kent)
Otaku No Denki - 'Cave Prayer (LP - The Future Played Backwards)' (Viper)
Moving Fusion - 'Chilli Pepper (rmx) 12"' (Ram)
Sudden Ensemble - 'Suitcase (LP - Amll)' (Angelika Kohlermann)
Maps - 'Abseil 7"' (Static Caravan)
Salt Hoopy - 'Ten Tiny Toes ' (Pig's Big 78)
Freddy Fresh - 'Mix 2003' (Peel Session)
The Crimea - 'Baby Boom 7"' (Boobytrap)
Tocotronic vs. Consul - 'Freiburg 33 (LP - Wir Compilation)' (Ladomat)
D_Rradio - 'Ice On The Path 7"' (Static Caravan)

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