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John Peel Tracklistings: 12/11/2003

Venetian Snares – 'Epidermis' (LP – 'Chocolate Wheelchair') (Planet Mu)
The High Strung – 'Ain't that Something' (LP – 'These are Good Times') (Tee Pee)
Uncle John Patterson w/ Ben Entrikin – 'Billy in The Low Ground' (LP – 'Everybody's Tuned To The Radio') (Center for Public History)
Trumans Water – 'Rock of Gibraltar' (LP – 'You are in the Line of Fire, and they are Shooting at you') (Homesleep)
Moving Fusion – 'Unknown (Reality Mix) (12") (Ram Records)
The Coachwhips – 'Extinguish Me' (LP – 'Bangers vs Fuckers') (Narnack)
Big Amos – 'Going to Vietnam' (LP – 'A Soldiers Sad Story') (Kent)
The Crimea – 'Baby Boom' (CDR Demo)

LIVE: The Bug vs. Soundmurderer – (Peel Session)

The Functional Blackouts – 'Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick' (LP – 'The Functional Blackouts') (Criminal)
The Fall – 'Theme From Sparta F.C' (LP – 'The Real New Fall L.P) (Action)
Scott Majestik – 'Psychopath Bitch' (12") (Bonkers)
The Secret Hairdresser – 'Psycho' (LP – 'Top Ten Conditioning Tips') (CDR Demo)
Lew Stone and The Monseignem Band – 'Leave the Pretty Girls Alone' (Pig's Big 78)
Aesop Rock – 'Easy' (LP – 'Bazooka Tooth') (Definitive Jux)
Escanna – 'Didn't We Meet somewhere Like This in '88?' (LP – 'Escanna/ You're Smiling Now But We'll all Turn into Demons') (Jazz Beard)
Michael Forshaw – 'Cheerleaders (Mark Hawkins Remix)' (EP – 'Cheerleaders Remixed' 12") (Crime)

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