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John Peel Tracklistings: 7/10/2003

SFB feat. Blur - 'Out of Time (12")' (White Label)
Two Lane Blacktop - 'Hellhound (7")' (In-Fidelity)
Cocoa Tea - 'Death In The Stadium (10")' (King Jammy's)
Camera Obscura - 'Greyhound Going Somewhere' (Peel Session)
Madnomad - '35 Summers (CD Single)' (Sugarshack)
T. Raumschmiere - 'Rabaukendisko (Rabaukendisko)' (Novamute)
Dixon Brothers - 'The School House Fire (LP- Down In The Basement)' (Old Hat)
Burmese - 'Trichotillomania (LP- My Malady)' (Mental Monkey)
Cridge - 'G'wan Now (12")' (Tribe)
Spazm 151 - 'Sink or Swim (LP- Spazm 151)' (Busted Heads)
Camera Obscura - 'Return To Send Her' (Peel Session)
Compound - 'Chemical Symptoms (12")' (Resistance)
Delta Saint - 'Did The Devil Take Yr Soul (EP- Desert Racer)' (Northern Lights)
Rotorik - 'Prism Leisure (12")' (Mosquito)
Bang Bang Machine - 'Geek Love (12")' (Jimmi Kidd)
Cinerama - 'Don't Touch That Dial (EP- Don't Touch That Dial)' (Scopitones)
Busdriver - 'Pen's Oil (LP- The Weather)' (Mush)
Camera Obscura - 'Phil and Don' (Peel Session)
The Everly Brothers - 'Kiss Your Man Goodbye (LP- Two Yanks In England)' (Warner Bros)
The Blue Bells - 'Come Along (7")' (Locks)
Lakescene - 'Spring Tide Will Lift Me Again (LP- Seasons)' (Ochre)
Chimp - 'Radio Deutsche Welle (CDR)' (White Label)
The Fall - 'Contraflow (LP- The Real New Fall LP)' (Action)
Drop The Lime - 'Stitch Massive (EP- Sweet Desire)' (Ambush)
Camera Obscura - 'San Francisco Song' (Peel Session)
Kschzt - 'Masro (EP- Kihelma)' (Blasé)
Last Hours of Torment - 'Throne of Decay (LP- Downfall of Man)' (Burial)

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