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John Peel Tracklistings: 30/9/2003

Biffy Clyro - 'Eradicate The Doubt (EP- Eradicate The Doubt)' (Beggars Banquet)
E-Z Rollers - 'Crowd Rocker (12")' (Intercom)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - 'Sunrise (LP- Blues Du Jour)' (Geographic)
The Golden Virgins - 'Shadows of Your Love' (Peel Session)
Leroy Mafia - 'Praises (7")' (Black Arrow)
Functional Blackouts - 'Tick Tick Tick (LP- Album)' (Criminal IQ)
Kid Koala & Amon Tobin - 'Untitled (EP- Collaborations)' (Ninja Tune)
The Marked Men - 'Not Too Late (LP- The Marked Men)' (Rip Off)
Medicine Head - 'Coast to Coast (7")' (Dandelion)
Themselves - 'Mouthfull (LP- The No Music of Aiffe)' (Anticon)
Mathias Schaffhauser - 'Musik Ohne Bass (12")' (Superstar/ Force Inc)
The Golden Virgins - 'Staying Sober' (Peel Session)
DM Bob - 'Jean Harlow (LP- Solo)' (Fanboy)
Nathan Coles - 'Terantechasourus (12")' (Pirate Radio)
Pablo Gad/ Bush Chemists - 'Blind (10")' (White Label)
The Swimming Pool Qs - 'Light Arriving Soon (LP- Royal Academy of Reality)' (BarNone)
Neulander - 'Sex, God and Money (EP- Neulander)' (Ochre)
The Golden Virgins - 'We'll Never Be Friends' (Peel Session)
The Fall - 'track 1 (LP- The Real New Fall LP)' (Action)
JB & Benny Blanco - 'Demon Eyes (12")' (Back2Basics)
Robert Palmer - 'Sailing Shoes (LP- Sneakin' Sally Trough The Alley)' (Island)
The Jess Roden Band - 'Under Suspicion (7")' (Island)
Nina Nixxon/ Bomb 20/ Patric C - 'Nixxxon Flash (7")' (Make Some Noise)
Stripling Brothers - 'The Lost Child (LP- Down In The Basement)' (Old Hat)
A Gilbert Play - 'Run, Run, Run (LP- A Gilbert Play)' (Dreamboat)
The Who - 'Run, Run, Run (LP- The Story of The Who)' (Polydor)
Ambrose & His Orchestra - 'For The Sake of the Days Gone By (78)' (His Masters Voice)
The Golden Virgins - 'I Don't Want No One But You' (Peel Session)
Nakes Casino - 'Patter of Feet (7")' (Static Caravan)

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