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John Peel Tracklistings: 26/8/2003

The Tears - 'Can't Sleep (LP- The Tears)' (Trick Knee)
Odd Nosdam - '6 (LP- No More Wig For Ohio)' (Anticon)
Camera Obscura - 'Suspended from Class (Under Achievers Please Try Harder)' (Elefant)
Exile - 'King Shredda (12")' (Frequency)
Grandmaster Gareth - 'Squarepuller (LP- Introduction to Minute Melodies)' (Awkward)
Ghetto Priest (Feat. Prince Far I) - 'Dungeon (7")' (Sound Boy)
Loudon Wainwright III - 'Men (LP- So Damn Happy)' (Sanctuary)
Eddie Peabody - 'St. Louis Blues (78)' (Columbia)
Dinosaur Jr - 'Freakscene (The John Peel Sessions)' (Strange Fruit)
The Exiles - 'Serotonin Burnout' (Peel Session)
The Exiles - 'I Can't Breathe' (Peel Session)
Dwayne Sodahberk - 'Teddy Bear (LP- Paws Across America)' (Tigerbeat6)
Elvis Presley - 'Teddy Bear (LP- Elvis' Golden Records Vol.2)' (RCA- Victor)
knifehandchop - 'Dance Floor Seizure (LP- Rockstopper)' (Tigerbeat6)
Miracle Chosuke - 'Do What You Pay Me For (LP- The 7/8 Wonders of the World)' (Dim Mak)
Twisted Individual - 'Gimp Mask (EP- Tooled Up!)' (Formation)
Anal Naturakh - 'Carnage (LP- Total Fucking Necro)' (Rage of Achilles)
Murcof - 'Ulysses (12")' (Leaf)
The Exiles - 'How To Lose Friends' (Peel Session)
David Jack - 'The Uncontainable Smell of Hades (LP- Without Vocabulary)' (KFM)
Rumenige - 'Kylie (EP- Petrzalka)' (Tresor)
The Cool Jerks - 'Man and A Woman (CD- Root Damage)' (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
Ministry of Defiance - 'Operation of Julie (LP- Chapel Couture)' (Post Office)
King Tubby's - 'Rude Boy Dub (LP- The Dub Master Presents)' (Moll Selekta)
The! Lights! Alive! - 'You Made Your Bed, Now Lie In It (LP- The 2 Minute Men)' (Jonson Family)
The Exiles - 'Building' (Peel Session)
DJ Stin - 'Soormey (LP- Desi Nation)' (Stern's Music)
Mors Principium Est - 'Inhumanity (LP- Inhumanity)' (Listenable)

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