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John Peel Tracklistings: 30/7/2003

Guyana Punch Line - 'Not Right (LP- Direkt Aktion)' (Prank)
Cex - 'The Wayback Machine (LP- Being Ridden)' (Temporary Resisdence)
Tech Itch w. Dylan - 'The Legend (12")' (Tech Itch)
The Kills - 'The Search for Cherry Red' (Peel Session)
Elmore James - 'Something Inside Me (LP- The Sky Is Crying)' (Camden)
Half Man Half Biscuit - 'It Makes The Room Look Bigger (EP- Saucy Haulage Ballads)' (Probe Plus)
Natural Black - 'Budget (7")' (White Label)
Herman Dune - 'So Not What I Wanted (LP- Mas Cambios)' (Track )
Liebe Ist Cool - 'Du Und Ich (EP- Liebe)' (Bruchstuecke)
Black Dice - 'Rereading (7")' (Gravity)
The Jesters - 'The Jester (LP- Big Noise From Waimea! Lost Legends of Surf Guitar)' (Sundazed)
The Kills - 'Wait' (Peel Session)
Bee Snare - 'Bee In Bunnyhead (EP- Leopard of Mass Destruction)' (Deatusucker)
Nina Nastasia - 'While We Talk (LP- Run to Ruin)' (Touch )
DJ Energy - 'It's Rocking (12")' (Dynamix)
Blue Jays - 'You've Brought A New Kind of Blue (78)' (Edison Bell)
The Exiles - 'Tonights the Night ' (White Label)
Coachwhips - 'Tonights The Night (LP- Get Your Body Next To Mine)' (Narnack Records)
TeeBee - 'Tech G (12")' (Photex)
The Kills - 'Gypsy Death And You' (Peel Session)
Marlowe - 'The Perfect Diagram (LP- A Day In July)' (ProbePlus)
The Evolution Control Committee - 'Lunch (LP- Plagiarhythm Nation)' (Seeland)
Eastern Luo Jazz Band - 'John Awino (7")' (Melodica)
Speedball Baby - 'Blackish Man (LP- Root Damage)' (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Erase Errata - 'Spanish Harvester (7")' (Gringo)
Arome - 'Hands Up - Rmx Yoji Biomehanika (12")' (Mohawk)
Kill Yourself - 'Coffee (EP- Soft Touch of Man)' (Gringo)
The Kills - 'Jewel Thief' (Peel Session)
Rev Charlie Jackson - 'Testimony of Rev Charlie Jackson (LP- God's Got It)' (CaseQuarter)

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